Wednesday, June 27, 2001

I think I'm gonna go crazy. It's summer...time to relax, go on trips, have fun in the sun....why am I so STRESSED!!! I already got the lecture about putting too much on my platter today, but honestly, I think I would be just as stressed knowing I could be doing all of these things but wasn't. Make sense? Didn't think so. I honestly don't know if it's the pills, the training schedule, the overload of things to do, PMS, or a combination of all of the above...but I'm really about to lose it.
Yesterday I worked out, cleaned the house, then worked at supreme all evening. K, not all evening, but until 8pm. Then I went to the grocery store. Let me tell you, going there is no fun anymore. The fun of grocery shopping is getting to pick out new yummy foods that are bad for you...and not to mention the free samples! Yesterday they had free doughnut samples.....DOUGHNUTS!!!! I almost broke down crying right there. When I came home last night I couldn't sleep for a while. I think it's because there is a lot more caffeine in the Pyroclen than I thought. Hopefully I will get used to it.
Today was pretty dull, yet VERY stressful. I am leaving tomorrow for the Huntington's Disease National Convention in San Diego, so all of the jobs I have let sit needed to get done. I had to pay bills, make final trip plans, write cards, schedule, and figure out how I'm gonna stay on this friggin diet while I'm in Cali. Haven't gotten any good ideas yet...I think I'll have to rely on willpower..........oh no, I'm screwed. I also noticed while paying bills that I suck with money. I've known this for a while, but it's getting really bad. It's really funny, Mike is a penny pincher and I spend it whenever I get my hands on it; drives him NUTS! In fact, my problem is that I spend it even when I don't have it. I will be making a lot of money this summer, so hopefully I can pull myself out of this rut. Even if I come out last in both events (logrolling and the boom run) I will still leave the ESPN Great Outdoor Games with a lot of money. But then another idea has been running through my head............I REALLY need a laptop. I mean, I don't need one, but it is the most useful thing I can buy right now. I'm never at home, and it would be a great thing to take to work. Also, I wouldn't mind burning some CDs, or watching a DVD while on an airplane. hehe. Anyway, I suppose I should balance my budget, then worry about getting a laptop.
Anyway, I got off the subject. So after work I got an e-mail from a guy from Muscle and Fitness Magazine. I'm sending in some pictures for them to look over...I'm a candidate to be in "Hottest Bodies on Campus" for the November issue. I'm not getting my hopes up. Anyway, I thought the due date was July 15th to get my pictures and bio in. Wrong. They are due on July 1st. Not cool. I haven't even gotten the pictures taken yet. So tomorrow, before I leave for Cali, I have to whip on a swimsuit, get some pictures taken, get them developed in an hour at Walgreens, then overnight them. ARGH!
Another exciting thing happened today. Jamie, the fitness director at Supreme, went into labor this morning. I am so excited for her! Unfortunately that adds to my stress. Now I have to do all of her fitness appointments, and half of her paperwork. Yikes. But I'm glad she's finally having that baby, I don't think anything can be more exciting! Tonight I took my first Cardio Karate class at Karate America. Now, Cardio Karate is not to be confused with Cardio Kickboxing...I've been doing that for a while. I plan to get certified to teach Cardio Karate over the next few months. Today I was a little pleased to find out that it's not as hard of a workout as cardio kickboxing. It's a lot more technical. So at least I don't have to worry about passing out in the middle of the class. This should be fun.
So I'm leaving for California tomorrow. I probably won't post until Monday. Not that anybody cares. You know what? I'm actually wondering if anybody besides my dad reads this page. Oh well, I still like to babble. I'm going to go try to sleep. Goodnight.

"Sometimes people ask me if I'm mad at God for making the handicapped, but then I say, 'no, I'm glad president Bush is here'." -Today's South Park episode

Monday, June 25, 2001

Blah....I'm pooped.
I started today out with an awesome leg workout. Then work at Supreme from 9-5. I've noticed this diet is making me really cranky. I was cranky with Mike last weekend, and I can be quite cranky at work too. 8 more weeks until I can eat cream......okay I've gotta stop this. Anyway, I got kinda cranky at work today. It's not like I yell at people or anything, I just don't feel like getting into conversations and kinda avoid them. Hopefully I will get better.
After work I stopped by the Nutrition Outlet and picked up some more supplements. I swear, I'm popping so many pills everyday...and forking out so much money, I'd better look damn good in 2 months. I got this new stuff called Exdetcen and a new thermogenic aid. The Ecdetcen is supposed to help retain Nitrogen in my muscles, and the thermogenic aid helps to increase my metabolism and increase body temp. Yeah, I know, english please. Anyway, I'm now using....creatine, L-glutamine, exdetcen, pyroclen, and a normal vitamin; soon to add pyruvate. YIKES!
I went to karate and sweated (is that a word?) my you-know-what off because the air conditioner there was broken. ARGH! It was a good class. It's fun to be a brown-stripe!
I topped off my day by rolling with my old logrolling instructor, Kent Kallsen at the Oregon pool. Wow, we got a great workout in. That log there is great. We got some funny looks, but we're used to that with logrolling. :)
Anyway, like I said before, I'm pooped. Shana's off to bed. Goodnight.

Sunday, June 24, 2001

Whew, what a weekend. It was actually quite fun. I drove up pretty early on Friday, and Travis crapped out on me again logrolling. So I went to visit Mike at his job. He was right...the place he works at is a toy store for guys. It's a home electronics place, complete with home theatres, sound systems, security systems, and yada yada. Mike just recently made a website for this place...he whipped this thing up in a few's not done yet, but SUPER good so far! So I hung out there with him for a while until he was done. Then we walked out to the end of the dike on the St Croix river and played on the beach. I love summer! We decided to just have a relaxed night, so we rented the DVD Hollow Man. It was SUPER good...but I was SO SCARED!
On Saturday we went to Willow Falls state park. I love's so much fun. But hiking with Mike is a bit different. It's actually quite dangerous. The trail is meaningless to him. So him and I ended up hiking across the rapids, then climbing across this wall for like ever. (I sure hope my daddy isn't reading this!!!) It was SO scary. But when we got to where he was taking us, it was totally worth is. That area is so pretty.
Then we went to the beach for the rest of the afternoon. It was so nice to relax and watch the kids. If I could find a way to bottle up kids' energy, and sell it to adults, I would be one rich girl.
Later, I went into the cities to do some logrolling with J.R. Not only is he an incredible logroller, but he's a great teacher too. I think I learned more rolling him in that hour than I ever have logrolling. Now I just have to practice it and put it to good use.
Then I went back to Hudson and we watched Pay it Forward at his friend Matt's house. Another good movie. I love having time to relax.
Today I slept in until 10am (yikes!) and sat around watching T.V. until 4pm. Talk about lazy. But I totally needed it. Now I'm back in Madison gearing up for another exciting day at work tomorrow. So....yeah. I'm going to bed now. Goodnight.

Thursday, June 21, 2001

Wowee what a day. I got up at the butt crack of dawn and lifted. Then I worked for eight hours at Supreme. I was pretty cranky today, I think it's because of this diet. Anyway...quick funny story. So Howie, one of the owners, sent out an e-mail to all of the racquetball players recently saying that if they sign up for the next league they can get 20% off in the pro shop. I guess a guy responded and said he'd only sign up for leagues if he got 20% off in the pro shop and a date with Shana. funny funny stuff.
After work I took cardio kickboxing. I was totally dragging. It was good to do something.
Tonight at logrolling a guy from the news came. He was really nice, and the kids enjoyed it a lot. I guess he is going to include a bit about Huntington's Disease the the story, so that will be GREAT!
Oh, speaking of more quick story, then I have to go to bed. So we used to have this incredibally mean lifeguard during our class; she was there for about a year. She just quit and today we got the new one. Okay, Mike, if you are reading this, please don't take this in the wrong way........this lifeguard was HOOOOOOOOOOOT. Oh man, hot is an understatement. He just moved to Madison from Long Beach, CA. He was SO nice too!!! If they could make all men that good looking...the world would be a much better place. :)
K, on that note (now that Mike will probably never speak to me again) I have GOT to get to bed. I'm driving up to Minnesota tomorrow morning to do some rolling and see Mike. Goodnight!

Wednesday, June 20, 2001

Hi Hi. I'm tired, so this is gonna be short and sweet. :)
Yesterday I worked for 10 hours, then I hung out with Tim. I caught the end of his softball game, then went out to eat with some of his team. At like 11pm we went swimming at his friend Luke's pool. It was stinkin cold!!! But we had a great time. It was good to let loose and relax a bit.
Today I only had to work from 9 until noon. Them my dad had his surgery. It went great! I was almost dissapointed that he wasn't loopy and goofy when I went to pick him up. He didn't even get knocked out! He's too tough for that medication I guess. :)
Again, I pulled one of my famous..."I think I'm going to lie down for a few minutes" and woke up at 8 at night. So much for cardio kickboxing. But I still went to MadTown and played for a bit.
I'm going to Minnesota on Friday morning to see Mike and logroll! I'm excited to actually spend a whole weekend up there. I usually end up having to leave early for some reason. I think Mike and I are going to go camping on Friday night...then I'm going to hang out with logrolling peeps all day Saturday and Saturday night. Then Sunday hopefully I can talk one of Mike's friends to take out a boat for some tubing!!!!
K, it's bedtime now. Goodnight.

Monday, June 18, 2001

Hola! Today was pretty cool, but I'm beat. Last night my dad and I saw Tomb Raider. That movie kicked butt!!! Wow, I don't care how screwed up that Angelina girl is in real life, she was INCREDIBLE! So yeah, that is for sure a movie to go see...especially if you are a guy.
So since I saw that late movie last night, I didn't work out this morning. Oh well. I worked eight hours at the club then...which was actually not too bad. I really like the afternoon 9-5 shift. Not so stressful, plus I'm not alone.
After work I went to karate. It was a tough class...then after class I tested for my brown-stripe belt. It was a HARD test. Probably because I was the only one testing and Quirk thought that would be funny. Anyway, I almost puked, but I passed. Now only about four months until my black belt! WAHOO!!!
I also went out to dinner with my awsome friend Kevin. Kevin is the kind of guy everybody should get to know. Him and his family are great people. Anyway, I saw like a MILLION people I knew tonight while I was out with him. I felt bad...I hardly got to catch up with Kevin ! But we had a great dinner at Olive Garden.
I took some NyQuil that is starting to kick in. I want to write more, but I need to crash. Goodnight!

Sunday, June 17, 2001

Oh man...All I can say after seeing this picture is....WOW. I think I've found my new favorite Backstreet Boys picture. :)
I'm at work right now. It's been a beautiful day, but I got to spend most of it at this health club. That's okay though...since it's so nice out, not many people have been coming I get to play on the computer! I did get to go out a little today. Before Mike left, him Noah and I went to the beach, MAN it was nice out!
Yesterday morning I did the 30 mile bike tour. It was a lot of fun and went by much faster than I had planned. Tim (butthead) didn't show up, but I knew some people there. I do know one thing for sure. I hate biking. The more I try to convince myself I like it, the more I hate it. I love running, I love swimming, and I love all of the cardio equiptment at the club...just can't get myself to love biking. But it's good for me, so I will keep doing it. :)
Then Mike, Noah, and I walked around State Street. I love how I shop...I want to buy everything, but never have the guts to actually do it. That's probably a good thing though. It was a beautiful day yesterday too.
Now I'm just chillin' here at work. Tonight I'm going to take my daddy to the movie Tomb Raider for Father's day. He played all of the computer games royally, so I'm sure he'll love the movie. I also got him a door mat. I know...who gets their dad a door mat? Well, he always likes practical stuff, and we need one, so that's what I got.
K, I should probably get back to work. Bye!

Friday, June 15, 2001

Hi! So far, today has been far from uneventful. It all started this morning when I went for a run. My roommate was just getting up...but he usually takes about two hours to get ready. I only went for a 25 minute run. But when I got back, his car was gone, and the door was locked. So Shana has no keys, no phone, nothing. It was 7:30 am and pouring rain. Normally this wouldn't have been that bad of a situation, but today was the morning of my lifeguard test on the other side of town. Not cool. So what do I do? Cry. They I ran around looking for somebody with a cell phone. Of course nobody has one. Then I run to the Open Pantry about a half mile away. Just my luck, they were struck by lightning last night and their phones didn't work. By this point I was a wreck. I finally found somebody to give me $.35 so I could use the pay phone. Doug had to leave work and come all of the way back home. Of course he was pissed...but in my eyes, it was his fault. (Okay, not totally, but I like to always blame other people). I mean, my car was still in the driveway, and my keys were hanging on the hook right next to the door!!! But he still left! Oh well, I was only 15 minutes late for the test and I didn't miss anything. I aced both tests, and I'm now a certified lifeguard. What am I going to do with that certification...? I have no stinkin clue. But if I ever want to be a lifeguard, I can. :) Plus I needed the first aid and CPR certifications to graduate UW with my degree.
After all of that I came home and took a three hour nap. Then I stuffed myself with food and went off to Karate. Okay, here's a story. The Karate instructor, Jeff Quirk, used to be my boyfriend way back in the day. I obviously see him all the time because he is my instructor, but it's also quite different. So anyway, he took this weekend off to be with his girlfriend. The first thing that runs through my mind was that he never did that to spend time with me. And because of his job, we NEVER saw each other. To make things worse, he actually brought her in today...even though he wasn't teaching. Now, obviously I've moved on, I love Mike VERY much. But GOD that jealous feeling sure does like to creep up on ya. I mean, she wasn't even pretty. I don't know, it was just an interesting situation. It was funny though...all of the ladies in my class were like, "Don't worry are MUCH prettier." I thought that was pretty funny. Anyway, I'm over it now, it was just a little shock.
Then I went to Madtown to work at open gym. All of like 20 kids showed up, so I got to leave early. I stuffed my face once again, and now I'm waiting for Mike to get into Madison. I should probably go shower first though, eh? It's been a while since these legs have been shaved....hehehe.
Bright and early tomorrow morning, my friend Tim and I are doing "Gear Up Madison", a 30 mile bike ride through the area. It should be fun, I hope. But I really do need to take a shower now...BYE!

Thursday, June 14, 2001

Are you getting sick of the daily Backstreet Boys pictures? Good...neither am I. :) I didn't post yesterday because I slept at home. It was STINKIN hot out! I haven't done much the past two days except lifeguard certification stuff. It's gotten much more enjoyable now that we are doing a lot of stuff in the pool rather than class work.
Last night I decided to go to Madtown Twisters and play around with some gymnastics. Oh man, I am for SURE getting old! I got a lot of cool things for my fitness routine figured out though. That will be so much fun to do! I tweaked my ankle a bit again. I really need to start rehabbing it...or else cut off my foot above the ankle.
Today I got a call from Mr. Wideman, one of the head guys in the Karate America system. He wants me to get certified to teach Cardio Karate! I can't wait! Hopefully we will be able to move the class over to my Middleton Karate school.
Tonight I went sparring, then taught my logrolling class. Nothing too exciting.
K, I can't keep my eyes open, I'm off to bed...goodnight!

Tuesday, June 12, 2001

That's it. All of my fish are dead. One of the new ones I got a few days ago was diseased. I think the fish place does it on purpose. There is a seven day guarantee on the fish, and they always die on day eight. Go figure.
What else to complain about? Oh yeah...the storm last night. So there was a thunderstorm last night. It went from 10pm until 4am and it was LOUD...I mean STINKIN loud. Not only that, but every time there was a thunderbolt, this car alarm would go off. So...not much sleep last night. Real good for this oncoming cold.
Lifeguarding class was fun today though. We did a lot of stuff in the water. My water treading test went fine as well. No worries. There are also some very cool people in that class that I enjoy being with. Some people actually failed their CPR certification test. There were enough that they all come in tomorrow morning to take the test again. So I guess they get to keep taking it until they pass??? Kinda makes you think twice about the lifeguards that are watching you......Oh well, at least I get to go in later than usual tomorrow because of that.
I also worked at Supreme tonight. Nothing special about that. Jamie, the fitness director, is VERY close to having her baby! Exciting stuff! I'm sure glad I'm not close to having a baby.
A guy from channel 15 called today. They want to do a story on me and logrolling/pole vaulting/ESPN stuff. That will be fun. Those guys are always so cool. I'm sure J.R. gets more interviews than I do...but I think it's cause he's better looking than I am. :)
Alright, off to bed...a long day of lifeguarding tomorrow. Goodnight.

Monday, June 11, 2001

Today is hot hot hot! Unfortunately I didn't get to enjoy the sun because I started lifegaurding class today. It was super boring because all we did was CPR stuff...for eight hours. I've already been CPR certified twice. But hey, it's a good thing to know.
My apartment is SOOO hot! We don't have air conditioning. I think I'm going to sleep at home home tonight because it will be a lot more comfortable. Plus Cleo is lonely. :)
Not much else really happened today. I worked at Supreme this evening. Got sexually harassed by Mr. Psycho again. Ohhh, okay, I have a story. So there is this guy at the health club...maybe about 50 years old. Absolutely creeps the heck out of me. He's never physically done anything to me, but just the things he says, or the way he looks at me. Most guys are just joking around, and I can see the joke...but this, I am SO uncomfortable around him. He keeps asking about my personal life....he's asked like 5 times about Mike now. Today he rolled up his towel and tried to smack me on the butt. I ran though. But there really isn't anything I can do about it. I mean, a lot of the guys at the club do stuff like that...but I know they are just joking around. It's hard to explain. This guy is just creepy. Oh yeah, I also found out from somebody that he said he would love to go into the tanning bed with me sometime. ARGH!
K, new subject. Let's talk about my laundry basket. This made me very upset. I usually put my laundry in the dryer at the laundromat across the street before bed...since ours is broken. This morning I got up to get my clothes...and somebody stole my laundry basket!!! I was SO pissed! Why the heck would somebody steal a laundry basket? Oh well.
Well, tomorrow I have a long day of lifegaurding and working at Supreme. I'm off to bed. Goodnight!

Sunday, June 10, 2001

I would like to start today's message off with a picture of the sexiest men alive. :) (Backstreet Boys if you can't figure it out.) Only a month and a half until I see them!!! I'm SO excited! today. This morning I did a triathlon. Obviously I'm still alive. It was a lot easier than I had expected. My time wasn't as good as last year's, but I have hardly trained for this one. A bunch of people from Supreme (the health club that I work at) did it as well. I met a super cool guy named Brian who did the tri. He's been going to the club for almost a year, and I didn't even know him! He's a cool cat...did VERY well for his first tri. Thanks to my wonderful boyfriend Mike, I'm coming down with a cold. I'm not too excited about it. I went to the store and bought some Echinacea and cold-eeze. I WILL NOT GET SICK!!! It would especially suck because I start my lifeguard certification tomorrow. Gotta love having a cold and being in the pool all day. grrrrr. Oh man, Doug just bought a bunch of cookies and they are sitting in the kitchen. This diet really sucks. The day I can eat a yummy meal with a fatty dessert...I will be one happy girl! I'm going to go to bed now to dream about food...goodnight!

Saturday, June 09, 2001

Yippie! The page is almost done!!! J.R. rocks. I just got back from Hudson, WI. I did some logrollin with Travis's Uncle Chris since Travis decided not to show up. :) Friday Mike and I Barbequed at his friend Noah's house. This morning we went out on the boat. I got FRIED! Good thing I have a triathlon tomorrow.... AHHH! I have a triathlon tomorrow! I have to get up at the butt crack of dawn and swim a quarter mile, bike 15 miles, and run a 5K. I am actually excited though. It's my first of the summer, and I'm doing it with a bunch of cool people (the triathlon you sicko) from my health club. I just got back and two of my fish are dead!!! I think Doug did it. At least the kitty is still alive. Oh yeah..the kitty! She seems to enjoy kicking her litter out of the box, then peeing in the pile of litter on the floor. I fixed that problem. Before we went out on the boat, I drug Mike to a rummage sale, and believe it or not...there was a litter box with a cover for $1.50! I wasn't going to get one before seeing that I didn't feel like spending $25 on a cat that wasn't even mine. It's pretty sad that that was the most interesting story of my weekend. hehe. I should go to bed now, wish me luck for tomorrow!

Friday, June 08, 2001

K, I wasn't planning on posting anything here until J.R. finished the website. Obviously, that's isn't happening, so I will just start posting. Eventually there will be some new cool pictures of stuff from 2001. So what's happening in my life? Actually quite a bit. I went to leadership camp the first week of summer, and it was a BLAST! I thought it was going to be so dorky, but I had a lot of fun. I made some VERY cool friends. I'm taking care of my friend Erica's kitty this summer. She is SOOO cute. But incredibly frisky. Right now she's trying to break through the top of my lizard's cage....sure hope that thing is solid. I have my first triathlon this Sunday. I'm hardly ready, but it will be a fun one. I'm going to do like four or five of them this summer. Yikes! I've been logrolling a lot more this summer than last. Hopefully that will help me out at the ESPN Great Outdoor Games (yes, I'm doing that again...wahoo!) and at Hayward. My old instructor Kent Kallsen is back into it after a winning battle with cancer. It's great to have somebody to roll here in Madison! Let's see.....karate. I will be in the next round of candidates for my black belt! That means I will probably be testing in September. I'm SO excited! We are also talking about starting a cardio karate program at the Middleton school (my school) that I would teach! How fun would that be? Fitness stuff. I'm back at the diet again. I will be doing two competitions in August. The first will be a fitness America pageant in Milwaukee, and the second, the same one in New York that I have done in the past. I've already got a choreographer and a seamstress....I can't wait! Sure does suck not being able to eat yummy food in the summer though. Next week I'm getting my lifeguard certification. That should be very interesting. One of the tests is to see if I can tread water for two minutes without my hands. See, when I go into the water, I go straight to the bottom. So far I've only been able to do it for one minute. I think I need a miracle! K, I have to get going. I'm driving up to Hudson, WI to see Mike and get some rolling in with Travis. Thanks for stopping by!