Thursday, August 29, 2002

Couch Potato?

Okay.  4 days until the first day of classes, 3 days until my diet begins, 12 days before the first Kinesiology Club meeting, and 16 days until the Ironman Triathlon.  So what am I doing today?  Laying on the couch watching MTV eating potato chips.  And you know what?  I am LOVING IT.  My life has been this constant whirlwind of responsibility and exhaustion, it feels so wonderful to just drop it all and relax for a bit.  Yeah so I've gained a few pounds in the last couple of weeks.  Big deal.  It will be a lot easier to lose the weight than to gain back my sanity.

    I go to work in a few hours, then I will come home again tonight to veg and watch the MTV Video Music Awards.  Yes, even though the Backstreet Boys and Nick Carter will not be present, I will still enjoy the event.  But man oh man would I give anything to watch the Backstreet Boys perform there once again. 
Alright...back to the grind.  :)

Sunday, August 25, 2002

Still Alive

    Hey guys!  Sorry I haven't been around to type much.  Honestly, not a whole lot has happened.  The past week or so I've been finishing jobs, filing paperwork, working at the health club, and sleeping!  It's very nice to have free time to do whatever I like.  I finally finished my internship at UW Sports Med last week, so that means TOTAL freedom!

    In high school I went to Don Hood's Pole Vault Camp in Illinois.  At that camp I was the only girl...and quite the flirt with one of the coaches, Matt Yetzer.  He came to Madison to visit later that year, then we didn't really keep in touch.  Five years later he e-mailed me to ask if I'd be willing to be his date to a wedding he was coming to attend here in Madison.  Of course I was pumped to meet up with an old friend, so sure enough he came up last weekend.  It was like nothing had changed!  We had a blast!  If Matt ever gets off of his lazy butt and e-mails me some of the pictures, I will post one or two.  For the last three years he has been in Texas working on fighter jets and other top secret government stuff.  Anyway, it was a super fun weekend!

    Other than that, life has been quite uneventful - well, that's not quite right - but some things are meant to go unposted.  Bryan is hopefully coming over in a bit to watch a movie with my lazy butt.  BYE!

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Home From the Races

With Kevin in front of his Uncle's winning boat...Tommy Bahama and in front of Nick Carter's winning boat.


    Well, I'm home!  I just had the coolest weekend with Kevin at University of Michigan and the Cleveland APBA Offshore Grand Prix.  Not only was I super excited to meet Kevin's fam and watch the fastest boat in the world...I was also looking forward to meeting Nick Carter.  Although it was a far reach, there was a chance I could meet him.  Unfortunately he was there on Friday only...and I arrived on Saturday.  The guys said that they totally would have introduced me.  But hey, I hope to meet him someday.  I mean, I've had a thing for the guy since I was 14 years old...that's almost 10 years!  The guys said he could use a personal trainer maybe I can get hired?  :)
    Anyway, Tommy Bahama cleaned house in the Super Cat class; the largest boat class.  Kevin's Uncle was nice enough to give us all access passes, and a hotel room.  We spend the weekend hanging out with the crew and watching the incredibly fast boats.  I also spent some time digging up as much info about Nick Carter as possible...I met a few guys that know him really well.  :)

    Now I'm back home and back to business as usual.  I'm really busy getting things together for the Ironman Wisconsin race.  It's going to be a blast!  I have posted some new pictures in the Friends section as well as in the family section. 


Friday, August 09, 2002

Back From Florida…still not home

Well that was most defiantly an exciting week. Again, I won’t go into details about it, but we did have a good time!
After my dad and I arrived in Evansville, we picked up my cousins Heather and Amy, and my Aunt and Uncle. All packed up in the van, we drove for two days down to Sarasota, Florida to visit my grandparents, uncle, and other cousin Ashley.
On Saturday we relaxed and walked around Longboat key.
Sunday was beach day. Gail and Ray (my dad’s sister and her husband) got fried to the max. For once the kids were actually the smart ones with the sunscreen. Amy found herself guy as always, and Heather and I tried unsuccessfully as usual. That night we had a fancy seafood dinner with my grandparents. I slept over at my cousin Ashley’s (who happens to be the cutest, most well mannered kid I have ever met).
Early the next day we left for Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. We spent the day there, saw some shows, rode some rides, and then crashed at the hotel. The next few days were filled with driving. I’ll have pictures from this trip as well as some of my cousin Ashley up when I get back to Madison.
Now I’m chillin in Ann Arbor, Michigan with my friend Kevin Alschuler for a little vacation time of my own. Tomorrow and Sunday we are going to go down to Ohio to watch his uncle race. There is a SLIGHT chance that I may meet the man of my dreams. Who might that be? NICK CARTER! So, yeah, I’ve only been obsessed with the Backstreet Boys and Nick since I was 14…now my dreams of meeting him are getting even closer to coming true! Okay, so he probably won’t be there, but a girl can always hope, right?
Today Kevin and I are going to go for a run (which I hardcore need since I have done nothing all week but eat) then I get the grand tour of campus. I’ve gotten into a habit of ending these trip messages with some quotes…so here they come:

  • "buuuuuuuuurp" – Heather every 5 minutes the entire trip.

  • "Can we stop at the bathroom?" – Gail every 5 minutes the entire trip.

  • "Justin…blah blah blah…Justin…blah…Justin…blah blah blah blah…Justin." – Heather the entire trip.

  • "I’m going to meet Nick Carter in (fill in the blank) days!" –Shana every 5 minutes of the entire trip.

  • "How do you get this stupid #&^*%!* gate open??!!" · – Me and Amy trying to open the wrong end of the pool gate at Motel 6.

  • "Excuse us…we’re on a mission!" · – Me and Amy entering Siesta Key beach looking for guys.

  • "Oh my good lord" – Everybody on the beach when the nasty guy in a thong passed by.

  • "God Bless America!" – Amy’s new boytoy’s first comment when we walked by him. (She was wearing an American Flag Bikini.)

  • "Our ur ur ur ur ur…" –Me making fun of Aunt Gail when Heather threw a piece of crabmeat at her.

  • "I drink, and the kids get crazy." – Uncle Ray

  • "…and he has to have a big dick." –Aunt Gail explaining the essentials of the perfect husband.

  • "One cherry, two cherry, three…no, wait, never mind." – Aunt Gail getting me back for the Sea Otter joke.

  • "This is NOT COMFORTABLE!" –Me hanging upside down off the bow of the play area boat with water shooting up my butt…while Heather and Amy kept taking pictures.

  • "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…BAM." –The elevator guy for Ruby Falls Cave, pretending to fall down the shaft and scaring the crap out of all of us.