Sunday, September 30, 2001

So today was a pretty good day, until now anyway. More on that later.
I spent all morning and most of the afternoon doing community service at St. Benedict's Center, where I attended my LeaderShape Institute for a week in the summer. We spent the morning plucking seeds off of plants in the BEAUTIFUL prairie. This center is famous for it's ecology preservation; they have beautiful woodland, prairie, ponds, etc. So anyway, I spent the morning picking seeds. They will be planted later in the fall; I think I'm going to go back and help with that. The weather was INCREDIBLE! A perfect day.....65 degrees, sunny, a small breeze...perfect! After a yummy lunch (everybody from leadershape really misses the food there) we went apple picking! It was so fun! (Except for the yucky apples.) I felt bad though, for about every apple I picked, I think I ate two! Kidding...we got a LOT crates and crates full. I think that was the most enjoyable community service I've ever done!

Oh, but I have to tell you about this boy that was there. He was a fifth grader from Chicago. The kid was a genius. The first thing he said to us was how he was planning on obtaining a master's degree in Toxicology. What the heck is that? The kid spoke perfect English, and knew everything! He was going on and on about how he wished Chicago would build a middle school where kids with "good test scores" could attend, rather than the regular ones. Lordy. Instead of talking about sports, or Pokemon, the boy insisted on talking about "the good books we have read" while we were picking seeds. The kid reads 750 page one night!!! And he wasn't lying because his mom was right there! Let me tell you, that was NOT the type of kid I hung out with when I was little....I was the one over in the pile of mud in the parking lot digging for worms.

After that I went to work at Madtown for the afternoon. Nothing exciting there. Wait, yeah there is. Somebody is going through the kids' shoes, coats, and stuff looking for $.....right in front of my face, and I still couldn't figure out who it was. Next week I will have to come up with a plan...

So after work Mike and I were supposed to do something. But no...he forgot. But not only did he forget... he didn't even invite me to go out with him! I had the whole evening planned out. So then it was too late to make any plans on my ONLY free night this whole month. So this great day had to end on a bad note. Grrrr, boys are stupid. I'm going to bed.

Friday, September 28, 2001


New clothes rock!!! I went to the mall today looking for a pair of jeans...didn't find a stinkin thing. I did find some cool shirts though. Anyway, I stopped at St. Vinney's on the way home and got FOUR pairs of jeans that fit PERFECT. I was pretty pumped.

So yesterday I got in a good workout before classes. Didn't really learn anything new in class. In my adapted class (the one where I help handicapped people exercise) this guy named Guy (yeah, yeah) finally worked. He usually just sat there and grumped about how he wanted to go home, and he actually listened to me! We got a lot done....that was a good feeling.
Practice was pretty tough as usual, as was candidacy. Logrolling went very well, the girls in that class are loving it. Unfortunately Megan (who helps me teach the class) tore some ligaments in her ankle and is in the boot (oh...the good old days of wearing that god forsaken boot....) so she cannot help teach. So that kinda stunk that I couldn't get the kids on both logs. I think my dad will be able to help out in the future.

So now I'm off to get my butt kicked in practice, then a logrolling demo, then work at Madtown. fun stuff!

Wednesday, September 26, 2001

Hi! First off, I want to apologize for the crankiness of that last post. I was having a bad day and it kinda came out there. Anyway...It's almost Friday! Not that I have anything super exciting planned for the weekend. I work until late Friday night, I'm doing some community service at St. Benedict's most of the day Saturday, then working at Madtown until late Saturday night. Sunday I work all morning. Yikes!

The past few days have been a bit uneventful. Last night at candidacy I had to be partners with Brandon..a guy who's had his black belt for a few years now. He's SUPER strong and had no mercy on me. But hey, I got a lot out of it. This is no longer's preserving my life!

The past few nights I have been sleeping at home home. I sleep much better there. I think it's because I miss having my kitty curled up next to me. But I'm at my apartment tonight. Hopefully the partiers won't be out.

Today I think we had the hardest track practice of all time. It was at Elver Park (with the huge, never-ending hill). So I thought going to Madtown to do some gymnastics tonight would help loosen me up a bit. Wrong. Now I'm twice as sore. Oh well. Got in a good workout!
K, I'm too tired and sore to write anymore...I'm going to bed...goodnight!

Monday, September 24, 2001

What a day...and it's not even over yet. I seriously feel like the most spit-on person in the world right now. I'm going to start with track. Every year, track seems to be a popularity contest; like how things were in middle school. I had hoped this year would be a bit different, but no. It's worse. It seems like everybody spends their whole time trying to impress each other. I am constantly hearing, "this workout was way too easy, I don't even know what I am doing on this team if I can't get in a good workout once a day." When everybody knows perfectly well that we just did a very tough workout. I will admit, I am a culprit too. I don't want people to think I'm a weakling. I mean, I do take an aerobics class and karate almost everyday after track....but that is totally beside the point. The point is, no matter what I do, I just don't fit in. I'm, not "cool" enough to be part of the clicks that exist on the team. I am always the last person to get invited (if I am invited at all) to outside of practice events. Then people come back on Monday and talk all about the fun weekend everybody had. l When I act interested and want to hear more, I get totally ignored. There are a few girls on the team that must really dislike me. I try especially hard to be nice to them, and talk to them, but I am constantly being told my ideas are stupid and am ignored all of the time. Even people on the team who I am very close friends with are always planning things, and doing things behind my back without letting me know. Many times I have tried to plan team events or group trips, and not a single person would be interested. BUT somebody the next weekend would try to plan something and everybody would go. I don't know what to do. I always feel so left out all of the time. I have run out of ideas on how to fit in. All I know is I'm sick of crying. I hate being in a situation where everybody talks down to me, like I am a three year old. When I sit back and think, I realize all of my closest friends are spread out around the country. I don't have many in Madison...just a few acquaintances. I feel bad because Mike has all of these wonderful friends. I spend all of my time with him and his friends, and should probably give them all some space. I don't know. I realize I'm totally feeling sorry for myself right now, but all of this frustration has to come out somewhere. I just wish I knew how to fix all of this.
Anyway, I have another cranky story. Kinda funny when I think about it now. I have almost all of my classes at the Natatorium...the main Kinesiology Building on campus. Anyway, you are supposed to have your ID swiped before you go into the building, because it is also a workout facility, and they don't want people sneaking in. Well, this morning I was already late for class, and when I got to the Nat, I realized I had left my ID at my apartment. I asked if I could just give her my ID# (which they always used to let me do) and she said "no ID, no admittance." Now, in the time it would take for me to go all of the way home to get my ID and come back, the class would be mostly over already. So I argued....then the manager came over. He said, "sorry, there's nothing we can do. You don't have your ID, please leave the building." So I left and checked all of the doors around the Nat to see if any of them were open. Ofcourse none were. So I walked back in, went to the window and said, "I'm not skipping class because I don't have an ID, okay?" and went to my class. As I walked down the hallway, the girl screamed..."NO! That's NOT okay!" When class was over, the manager was waiting for me outside the door. He FRICKIN waited for me!!! Then I got yelled at some more. He said that every class allows three absences before it counts against your grade. He obviously must of forgot why people go to class. If I didn't go to that class, I would have missed a lectures worth of material which would have been on the test. What I didn't understand is that a University Employee was actually trying to keep me from going to class! If he didn't want me to go to class, he should have called me earlier so I could have slept in! Seriously though, I plan to write a heated letter to the Owners of that building on that policy. I pay plenty of money each semester to get an education, they have no right to keep me from going to my class.
ARGH! Maybe this day will get better. I have Karate, then a Student Athlete Advisory Board meeting, then out to dinner for a surprise birthday party! How fun are those!

Sunday, September 23, 2001


Did I ever mention how wonderful the Backstreet boys are? The concert was AWESOME! Since it was the same tour, they did basically the same show as the last one, with a few minor changes. 
Sisco opened the show. He was good, but because he was only an opening act, he didn't do much, which was kind of disappointing. Then, after like a half hour break, there were explosions all over the stage...then...the BACKSTREET BOYS! Oh man was it great. My throat hurts so bad from screaming. This concert, there were a bunch of college kids sitting next to me with really bored expressions on their faces the whole time. Every time I screamed, I got a sneer. I had much more fun sitting next to the twelve year olds at the last concert. 
Several dedications were make. The first, obviously, to AJ for making it through his hospital stay and being strong enough to go back on the road. Another to a member of their crew who was on flight 11 last week. And lastly, the whole crowd sang "America the Beautiful" along with the group in honor of those who were lost last week. It was a great concert...I wish I could see those boys every night. 
So today I had the track banquet. It was great to see some of last year's seniors again. I got an award for academics. But the highlight was definitely the food. YUMMY!!! 
Today I work at Madtown all afternoon, then I have a study date with Mikey. Fun fun! Have a good day all!

Saturday, September 22, 2001's finally Saturday...and do you know what today is??!! Backstreet Boys day! My Dad and I are leaving for the concert at 4pm. I'm SO EXCITED!!! I'm already dressed up in my teeny bopper gear: a glittery tank top, tight black pants, and my BSB heart necklace! I am FOR SURE going to lose my voice tonight. It's halfway gone already from yelling at kids at Madtown last night...but more about that later. I can't believe my dad is bringing ear plugs to the concert. He says it filters out the screaming....not while I'm sitting right next to him!!! hehehe.
Okay, so last night I worked open gym at Madtown Twisters Gymnastics. Normally it is a bit stressful (180 hyper kids and no parents) but I usually also have a lot of fun. Last night was a bit different. A whole class of underprivileged kids were bused in from the other side of town. Not all of them were bad, but a good majority of them seemed to have major problems obeying our rules. Many other kids at open gym were quite riled up before the came as well. I found myself screaming at the top of my lungs all night. We gave so many time outs the bench was full. I broke up two fights, took care of 4 injuries, and was sworn at many times. The end of the night (I just collapsed on a mat and laid there for a while) I began to wonder what is happening to kids today. I totally started to remind myself of my dad, always talking about how awful young people are now-a-days. Then I realized how many good kids were at the gym that night, but I didn't even notice them due to the trouble makers. Nothing is happening to our kids today; the majority of them are more mature, smarter, and more ambitious than ever before. It is a just a select few who are ruining the image for everybody. I wish there was something we could do. I wish there was an easy answer to give every child good values, to work to their full capacity, and to be a benefit, rather than a hindrance, to society. After last night, I really have an admiration for those who work with those kids. I have been a bit sheltered growing up on the West Side of Madison, WI. I know the majority of kids these days will do wonderful things for this world, but how do we make it so that ALL of the young people will?
Okay, sorry, I kinda got off on a tangent. I did a lot of thinking after last night. Anyway, last week was full of busy events as usual. I am only a month and a half away from getting my Black Belt!!! Candidacy classes are kicking my butt, literally, but it will all be worth it!
I'm also busy planning out things for the Kinesiology club this year. I put together a "Panel of Professionals" for our next meeting on Tuesday. We have people from all different kines professions coming to speak to the Undergrads about their futures. I think this is the most valuable meeting of the year. Many people with Kines majors choose the major just because they want to do something with exercise and fitness...but have no idea what they will do with their lives.
Monday will be the first Student-Athlete Advisory Board (SAAB) meeting of this year. Last year we really didn't get much in terms of reaching out to the community done, so I hope we can do more of that this year.
Oh, I had my first test (quiz, whatever) of the year last week! I think it went okay. So far I really have my act together in terms of being organized and getting all of my studies done. I only have 3 semesters to go, I can't blow it now!
Alright, I should get going. I have to post a few more Kinesiology Club flyers around campus, then leave for the Backstreet Boys concert! Whoopee!!!

Monday, September 17, 2001


My cousin sent me this picture with the phrase, "A picture speaks a thousand words." She was so right. My other cousin got to be on the news on Friday night for hosting a Candle lighting in her neighborhood. Good for her; it's wonderful how this whole country is coming together in light of this tragedy. Yet, if everybody loves each other so much right now, why did that guy flick me off while driving on University Ave. the other day? I guess road rage will always be around.
Wahoo!!! I am the Illinois State Champion in forms! I also got second in sparring (by one stinkin' point). Okay, so it was a ho-dunk meet, but I still won! That was yesterday. So I think I need to start back a few days before...
Wednesday went bye kind of quickly, spent most of my time listening to all of the sad news. That night I went to Madtown Twisters with Christine and Tara to play for a while. That really helped me get thing off of my mind...I sure was sore the next day!
Thursday was a normal school day...class all day, track, karate, logrolling, then bed.
Friday was the day of prayer, so there was no track practice. Doug was nice enough to let me off of work so that I could go the candlelight vigil at the Capitol. It was beautiful, thousands of people with candles, and patriotic music playing. I was kind of a party pooper last weekend, both Friday and Saturday nights I went to bed early.
On Saturday I went to the Huntington's Disease Society of America Wisconsin Chapter Meeting. It lasted most of the day and was very informative. The most interesting part was the lecture about stem cell research. There is a wonderful outlook for it's potential. Now if only we could convince those republicans how important it is........ I also got a chance to speak about the Huntington's Disease Society of America's National Youth Alliance, which I am an active member of. I just designed their website at: They also showed my video of the ESPN Bio and the local news story on me and my Mom. It was a good day.
On Sunday I competed at the Karate I said before. Jabari came with me and we cleaned house. He won his division as well. I'm looking forward to competing a the Diamond Nationals. Sunday night I spent most of the evening doing homework. Not so fun. Oh well, at least I'm sticking with it.
Today was again a normal school day. Things were really wet and rainy, so all morning was spent in different classes being cold, wet, tired, and bored. Welcome back to school. grrr. Track practice was a bit tough too. Tonight I FINALLY opened up an account at the UW Credit Union. If you are from around here...GO THERE. M&I bank seemed to enjoy charging me random, "accidental" fees each month. This evening I made Mike dinner (aren't I nice), did homework, paid bills, and now I'm heading home home to go to bed. Goodnight all. :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2001

I know I posted this picture a few days ago.  I would like to show it one more time.  Look over Mike's right Shoulder.  We were some of the last tourists to see that view of the Twin Towers.


    Hello everybody.  I had lots of stuff I wanted to talk about, but I think first thing's first.  Mike and I were not far from the World Trade Center last week; in fact, we were within a few blocks of it.  At the top of the Empire State Building I remember telling Mike how scary it would be to have an emergency there and have to go down all of those stairs. But we kind of blew off that comment, thinking nothing could happen to those buildings.  Yesterday morning, we were watching TV at the health club and saw everything live.  I couldn't believe what I saw.  I still can't believe it, it just seems like a scary movie.  The UW Band director said something today, which, at the time I thought was incredibly stupid.  He said Americans will deal with this through music.  Tonight I head all of the wonderful songs that have already been arranged in honor of those who lost their lives yesterday.  Just sitting and listening to those really helped me reflect on what has just happened.  When the Columbine shooting occurred, it was personalized in an instant.  12 kids and one teacher died. That is a number we are used to.  It was easy to hear the personal stories and become attached to and sympathize for each of those 13 people.  This is different.  We are looking at possibly tens of thousands of people.  So many are dead it just does not seem real.  I cannot grasp it.  Some say we should bomb the heck out of any country and group remotely responsible.  I think we really need to THINK before bombing or retaliating in any matter.  I am very worried about Bush being in charge right now.  I have a feeling he will act too quickly.  Sure the few individuals responsible should be put to justice, but we do not need to bomb innocent people over this.  America is stronger than that.  I think our big focus right now should be on helping the survivors and their families get their lives back together.      On a lighter note.....I AM IN MUSCLE AND FITNESS MAGAZINE THIS MONTH!!!  It's just a small picture, but it has my name under it.  It's under "Fit Bodies on Campus".  Hopefully someday I will get to have big pictures in that magazine!  :)

    On Sunday I did a triathlon at Devil's Lake.  It was SUPER fun, and I felt I did really well, BUT  a few of us ended up running an extra half mile!  There was not a volunteer at the turn-around for the run, and we all thought the cone was a mile marker...pops.  Because of that I wasn't really concerned with my time, but I did feel great through the whole race, so that's what was important to me.
Track started on Monday!  Yikes!  It's starting out much harder than I expected it to!  Today we went to Elver Park for the first time this year to run that *insert choice words here* hill.  My legs are aching tonight!  Plus to make things worse, Christine, Tara, and I all decided to do gymnastics at Madtown tonight.  I'm gonna feel GREAT tomorrow! 
    Tonight I also went to an informational meeting for the IronMan Triathlon that will be taking place here in Madison next year.  I decided to be a committee member to help run it next year.  After tonight, I know that will be a rewarding experience.  Plus, we got a yummy fancy dinner!
    Alright, I'm off to bed.  Although I am not a very religious person, I will hold each and every affected family in my thoughts and prayers this horrible week.  Good night all.




Friday, September 07, 2001


Yeah, yeah, it's been like two weeks since I've written on here, but I have some good excuses! Last week I was working 12 hour days practically everyday. This week I am house sitting for my friend Megan's family. And on top of that I started school on Tuesday.
So I'm sitting here at The Ultimate Spa and Salon getting my hair foiled. You should see what I look like right now! I have hair all in my face, and I think I'm picking up a few radio stations with all of this foil in my hair. I originally came here to get a perm....I was looking for a big change. But Jay (this guy who is doing all of this) said there was no way my hair could stand a perm without falling out. So instead I'm getting some low-lights (these are all new terms to me). This guy is like a famous hair designer, so I doubt it will look too bad...but I'll check back tomorrow with the results. started this week! I have a crazy nutso schedule. I didn't get into the theatre class I wanted, so instead I am working with the adapted fitness class again like I did last summer. It's a great class, and working with handicapped people is truly a wonderful and rewarding experience. So my basic day goes: wake up, work out, class all day, track, candidacy training for karate, quick dinner, bed. Plus I will be working on the weekends. ICK!I Hope I can make it through this year! At least my classes are interesting; hard, but interesting.
Oh guess what, guess what!!! I got my new moped on Wednesday! It's the COOLEST! It's a Tomos Targa....and it actually starts! (Unlike my old one). Plus it goes much faster. Unfortunately it doesn't have an electric start, but I think I can handle kick starting the thing. It's a good thing I have a scooter that works now, because while most of my classes are at the Nat (on the far west side of campus) I have one class in between that is in the Humanities building (far east side of campus) that is not walkable and hardly bikeable in the 15 minute break. Yippee for my scooter!
Hmmmm, what else? My head is starting to itch, I hope I get these foils out soon. Oh yeah, here's a bummer. After all of that work last summer, I have gained EVERYTHING back within two weeks of that last competition. Oh well, at least I have pictures. Speaking of pictures, I just got a bunch in from the Fitness America Pageant. I will scan those in and put them on the fitness page ASAP.
I just remembered something very cool that happened last week. So I didn't place as well as I would have liked to at the Fitness America Pageant. BUT, I got a phone call last week from the promoter of the show. There was a rep there from Valeo Sports looking for a model from the Midwest. I knew she was there, but after my placing in the competition, I didn't think much of it. Well, it turns out that she chose me!!! So here I am with this great modeling opportunity, and what do I do? I turned it down. I had to if I wanted to be eligible for my last year of track. Track is going so well right now, and I really don't want to give that up. I hope I made the right decision.
I'd better stop before this gets too long...oh wait it already is. hehe. Wish me luck on my foils. I promise to post more often in the future!

Sunday, September 02, 2001