Saturday, June 28, 2008

False Start

Once again I’m emotional… so why not write a blog? I’m currently in Georgia for the STIHL Timbersport Series Finals. As I have this entire season, I came in feeling really good. Yesterday I had a great run to make it into semis against Jenny Atkinson today. Once again, I had an awesome run and won by a significant amount. I threw my arms up in the air, thrilled and relieved that I had made it to finals, when yellow “flags” (actually beanbags) started flying in my direction. I’ve never had such a quick change in emotion. I went from pure joy to extreme sickness in .0001 seconds… about the same amount of time I was ahead of the gun. With the one minute penalty added on, I didn’t make it to finals.

It’s really interesting to see how people act around you after something like that happens. Nobody knows what to say. People shrink away from you like you are going to hurt them. All I could think about was how much time I spent training, how fast I know I am, and the fact that I’m missing my 10 year high school reunion for this event that I just royally screwed up. It’s very unlike me, but that emotion must have showed on my face.

I’ve never felt like this after a loss before. Normally it sucks for a few minutes, but then I’m back to my cheery, goofy, self. This time it was much different. I won the damn race. I’m fast. I feel good. But I made a stupid mistake. I’ve always prided myself on my super fast starts, but today that is what got me into trouble. I can’t get that sick feeling out of my stomach.

On a lighter note, I’ve been having an absolute blast with the boom girls here in Georgia. It’s always so wonderful to spend time with my amazing friends. Yesterday they drug me out shopping (I hate shopping, but it was surprisingly fun with these girls) and we all got pierced. No worries, I didn’t do anything crazy, just repierced a spot in my ear that closed up a few years ago. I’ll let the other girls reveal their piercings on their own. :) Props to Vincent Sanchez, the greatest “Tissue Technician” we’ve ever met. If you’re ever in Columbus, Georgia, look him up, he’s amazing.

Tomorrow I run for third and fourth place against another amazing boomer, Katie Rick. I’m sure I’ll get out of this funk after a good meal (oh yeah, I’m dieting… can’t have that) and some time to relax and realize that my life is still absolutely wonderful, win or no win. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Good Things Come in Threes

1. I HAVE A SPONSOR! Yes ladies and gentleman, I am now a true professional athlete! I met the wonderful folks at Duluth Trading Company through my friend Erika Johnson, a coworker at Supreme. Duluth was originally formed to sell products assisting with tool carriage and storage. They now sell thousands of products for hard working men, women, and even pets! With the recent launch of their Women’s catalogue, I was hired as one of their “Real Women of Duluth” models, aka. somebody who actually does stuff outside! Through the photo shoots, I got a chance to meet many of the wonderful people who work for Duluth. I’ve never seen anybody happier! Seeing as my lumberjacking fits well with the basis of the company (they even have a shirt called the log roller!) sponsorship of my 2008 season seemed like a pretty natural step!
So please, check out their website. They sell amazing stuff!

2. I’M IN OXYGEN MAGAZINE! If you’re bored at the grocery store, grab a copy of the August issue of Oxygen mag. Check out page 152. Obviously not the cover, but another good step toward that dream!

3. FIT GIRLS IS ON SALE NOW! Yes, the book I’ve been blabbing about forever (which I still cannot tell you how beautiful it is until you see it) is on sale! And yours truly is honored to be the cover model. John is donating a percentage of ALL sales to the Huntington’s Disease Society of America. Amazing, absolutely amazing.
NOW AVAILABLE! Click here to buy your copy now!

So there you have it. Life is good. Hopefully the title of my next blog will be, “Good Things Come in Tens” We can only hope!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Late Night Blogging...

As the most brilliant man I’ve ever known (my father) tells me on a regular basis, “Nothing good happens late at night.” This just may be true, but I’m exhausted, stressed, and emotional… so why not write a blog!?

My time in Utah ended with an amazing win. I was absolutely thrilled with my performance out there, and even more happy to spend the weekend with some of my closest friends. I love those girls to death, and am so lucky to have such amazing friends.

Since my return from Utah, I’ve done nothing but eat, sleep, work, and train. Oh yeah, and worry about my future and where on earth I am really going in life, but that is another blog all together. As seen in the schedule in my last entry I have quite a bit of log rolling, boom running, and fitness competing to do. Thus I’ve been working out and dieting like a mad woman. It’s a wonderful way to get through hard times, but those occasional mental breakdowns are never very much fun either. BUT I am well aware I overflow my plate by choice, and I am willing to deal with the repercussions. And as much as I may be moving in the opposite direction right now, at some point I will be a wife and mother, and at that time, those responsibilities will be my priority. For now, it’s running on logs and trotting around in a bikini.

Part of my stress, and extreme excitement, is the Midwest Log Rolling Championships coming up THIS SATURDAY! This will be my third year hosting this contest as a fundraiser for the Huntington’s Disease Society of America. It is amazing how supportive the log rolling community is. The professionals coming to compete are used to EARNING money at contests, not collecting money in order to compete. And the KIDS! I cannot get over how amazing they are. Here is a perfect example. Evie created this fundraising page and not only has raised an amazing amount of money, but also tugged at all of my heartstrings with her words! So if you are in the Madison area and have some free time this Saturday between noon and 5pm, please stop by Wingra Canoe and Sailing Center to check out our contest! And yes… there will be a log ready for you to try your skill at this exciting sport. Can’t make it out to watch the lumberjacks, but still want to donate to the cause I talk so much about? You can help out here. Also, I cannot thank our tournament sponsors enough: Trader Joe’s for the generous food donations for our BBQ. The UPS Store for creating our printed items. Duluth Trading Company for sponsoring me, thus assisting the entire Madison Log Rolling program! Flad Architects for their monetary donation. Smart Scion for their prize donations. Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream (DAMN THIS DIET!) for their prize donations. Budget Bicycle Center for their prize donations.

Although that last paragraph looked quite a bit like an infomercial, I would really love for everybody to attend.

After Midwest I’ll head down to Georgia, then up to Canada, down to Washington, back to Canada, back to Madison for a few days then off to Vegas for the Women’s Tri Fitness competition, back to Madison for a few more days, up to Hayward for the Lumberjack World Championships, and so on. I have a feeling July will be quite the blur; so I guess I’ll have to take a lot of pictures!

I’ve touched on the emotional stuff a bit, but honestly, I’m really going to be okay. I have too much good happening in my life to even have time to focus on the bad. And who’s to say the bad is really bad? All of these new obstacles should be seen as an adventure, and I’m ready to tackle it.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

It’s Boom Boom Season

Booming with a beautiful background in Lehi, Utah Photo Credit:

Now let me just get one point across very quickly. Us girls can refer to our event as the “boom boom” but when some eccentric old man asks “what time is the boom boom?” that is just strange. So please call it the boom run.

I’m hanging in my hotel room here in beautiful Lehi, Utah. Beautiful is an understatement. As I learned over 10 years ago during my whitewater rafting trip on the Green River, there is no prettier state. Not too often you can run the boom with snow capped mountains behind you.

The event has treated me quite well so far. I’ve had the fastest times of the weekend, and will compete in finals later this afternoon. It’s quite simple… training pays off. No doubt about it. Ask me how I feel about all of this training in a month, and I may have a different answer for ya. :)

The next 10 weeks are booked solid. You ready for this?

June 14th – 15th: HDSA Wisconsin board meeting and log rolling open houses at Lake Wingra

June 21st – 22nd: Midwest Log Rolling Championships for Huntington’s Disease in Madison

June 27th – 29th: STIHL Timbersport Finals in Georgia (Missing my 10 year high school reunion for this one…)

June 30th – July 6th: Week in Canada to compete at Gross Mountain, BC; Longview, WA; and Slocan, BC with the boys.

July 10th – 13th: Women’s Tri Fitness World Challenge in Las Vegas

July 18th – 20th: Cathy Savage’s Chicago Fitness Camp

July 25th – 27th: Lumberjack World Championships in Hayward, WI

August 2nd – 3rd: Ms. Fitness North America in Chicago, IL

August 8th – 10th: Huntington’s Disease Fundraiser with the Red Sox at Fenway Park

These events will most definitely help keep a smile on my face and my stress levels high. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m going to take a quick nap before finals tonight… updates shortly!