Thursday, February 13, 2003

Things are looking up… I’ve been out here in Connecticut for about a month now, and for a long time, not a single thing went right. Finally things are going much better. I still miss Madison very much, but I have to be a big kid through this one. Here’s the really exciting news: I just received e-mail from my old eighth grade teacher yesterday. Every year he selects a group of eighth grade girls travel to elementary schools around Madison performing a "Women's History Panel" about women, past and present; some famous, some not, who have made contributions to the world around them in some way. One of the girls this year is playing Shana Martin! I couldn’t believe it. I remember being a third grader and admiring those eighth graders for what they did. Here’s the funny part….I also remember trying out for the panel in eighth grade and not making it. J But this is a much greater honor. What a wonderful way to educate children all over Madison about Huntington’s Disease. Also, I hope many of the younger children will learn to treat everybody as equals, so nobody has to be treated the way I was because of my mother’s illness. I don’t think I ever put this on here, but I wanted to say congrats to Christine Baudry (see just about EVERY picture on my pole vault page) and Matt for their engagement! I can’t believe this; my friends are getting engaged! I truly am getting old now. But just wanted to you guys to know I love you both and wish you the best! Tara and I are going to have to think of a way embarrassing speech to give at the wedding! In other news, if there are any young teenage girls (preferably between the ages of 12 and 15) J.R Salzman is looking for a few more stalkers. His steady flow of young girls e-mailing him is on the decline, so feel free to check out his Website! Well, I’m going to go enjoy the rest of my day off…have a great Valentine’s Day everybody!