Sunday, October 30, 2005

Happy Halloween!!! Have a great day, and be safe!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Spay Day!

This is a picture of Ken's first spay! He spayed Lady (a beautiful husky) yesterday, and did an awesome job!

Speaking of Dogs, my client Ann Collins has her beautiful dogs online for the Doggy Daycare Halloween Costume Contest! Please vote for Edgar and Bella by clicking here and sending in a vote for "Bella the Princess and Edgar the Great Wizard". There are a bunch of cute costumes to look at! Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Fall Blahs

I think it's that time of the year... time for Shana to get a cold. It's not too bad yet, but mine usually start slow. Dangit Dangit Dangit! It's like 10X harder to diet and run when I'm sick.Okay, complaining is over.Last weekend I won the title of Ms. Fitness Natural Wisconsin. So I normally would be all excited and all, except for the fact I was the only fitness competitor. BUT I was VERY happy with how my routine went. I was able to really get into it, and had a lot of help from the enthusiastic crowd. Now my confidence is back up, and I will be MUCH more comfortable at Fitness America Nationals. I leave for LA in less than a month! How scary is that! I'll be staying with Maggie... who is being the GREATEST friend ever to let me crash at her place for a week and save big bucks. Plus she lives right on the beach! Olivia may even be coming out for my last weekend out there... so I can show her around town, and have somebody to surf and go to tapings with!

Last Sunday my dad was wonderful enough to drive us up to the La Crosse Round Robin River Rat Roll kid's log rolling tournament. The Madison kids did GREAT! Nice job guys! Olivia and I helped out, and also took a nice jog through La Crosse on that BEAUTIFUL fall day.

This weekend Ken and I decided to race in a 15K. Do you know how long that is? 9.4 STINKIN' MILES!!! I've never run that far before, but I guess this is a good start if we're doing the Madison Marathon this May. Hopefully this cold will calm down before Sunday.

Saturday night we're going on a candlelight hike at Mirror Lake State Park. Should be fun... and hopefully not too cold! And during the day Saturday we're harvesting the pumpkins we grew this summer, and carving them! Maybe I'll even bake pumpkin seeds. Not really sure how to do that... but I'm guessing you just stick them in the oven....

And sorry I forgot to mention last time... congrats on your new condo Erin and Bob!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Happy Crossing Guard

Yesterday morning, while driving to work, I saw the same happy crossing guard I see every morning, waving and smiling at everybody. I love people like that. He always gets me to smile, and start my day off on a good note. It's amazing how contagious a smile is.

Not a whole lot new and exciting going on here. Busy with work, and getting ready for these fitness contests. I've been fairly good and eating mostly healthy crap. And I must say, health food is CRAP. I know, I know, I'm a trainer and I'm supposed to promote healthy eating: high fiber, lean meats, small portions... but life just isn't the same without my friends Ben and Jerry. And man what I wouldn't give for a Chinese buffet, or a big hot chocolate with whipped cream heaping over the edges... yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Sorry, I just had to clean the drool off of my keyboard. But hey, I'm getting skinny, and hopefully I'll have some really successful fitness contests this season. This weekend I have one up in Wausau, WI which is more for practice than anything. I'm not totally in contest shape yet, so I may not win, but it's always good to practice in front of a crowd. If it weren't for those damn high heels....

Last weekend I went to my friend Melissa's baby shower. I had no idea babies were so complicated. Breast pumps, milk freezer bags, diaper pails with special seals, weird baby head cushions... you name it. I got her some baby socks and some of those breast milk bags because they were on the registry... but freezing your milk... that's new to me. I'll probably be in for several shocks when it's my turn to have a shower. Luckily I probably have a few years. :)

Yesterday Ken and I drove down to Chicago so that he could convince a bunch of high school kids to go to the University of Vermont. He does a DAMN good job. If I saw that presentation, I probably would have gone to school there. It is a great school, but Ken does an amazing job of presenting it. We also stopped at IKEA (to buy some lamp shades that Frankie shredded with his claws last night) and the best grocery store of all time... Trader Joe's!!! Why we don't have one in Madison, I don't know.

So that's my recent scoop. I'll post results of this next fitness contest if they aren't too horrible. But if you don't hear from me... just don't ask. :)

Oh, and a HUGE thank you to my Dad and Ken for helping with the depressing and physically demanding task of taking all 13 logs out of the lake and hauling them in the trailer. Those suckers are not light! Hopefully this lake will freeze and thaw in no time, so that a new season will be here soon!