Sunday, March 15, 2009

Winter Hibernation

Oh where oh where has this log roller been?
Hibernating and moping around during the winter of course!
Rather than writing out a long boring blog that nobody will read, here are the highlights of my past few months:
• Rehabbing the crap out of my knee.
• Working insanely long hours at the health club to make up for the time I will be missing this spring and summer. Have I ever mentioned how lucky I am to have this job?
• Working with the Huntington’s Disease Society organizing speaking engagements, run/walks, heart and flower sales, and board meetings.
• Stepping on as the vice president of the US Log Rolling association and driving the entire log rolling community insane with my hounding.
• Trying to log roll (my 13 year old log rollers are having fun kicking my butt) • Bonding with all of my girlfriends- they really are wonderful
• Getting the girls of Team Supreme (including myself) started up for the spring, summer, and fall fitness/figure seasons
• Spending WAY too much time on a specific social networking site to make up for the lack of social stimulation in my normal life
• Finding reasons to feel sorry for myself, then realizing the next morning how amazing my life really is.

This bullet point blogging is actually quite fun! Let’s do some more.

Exciting news and events:
• I will be featured in the Brava Magazine Encore edition this April
• I am going to be the July “XX Factor” Girl in Outside Magazine
• This weekend I am attending a workshop, and will hopefully get accepted as a TRX “Master Trainer”. (More about this later)
• I will be spending two weeks in New Zealand doing a lumberjack show and surfing…ahhhhhhhh surfing. Can’t wait.
• The “Fit Girls” book that features a photo of me on the cover is now going to be sold at Barnes & Noble

I am currently on a flight to spend one day (Yes, only one. Bummer right?) in San Francisco at the TRX training center. Since I saw this functional fitness device two years ago at the Club Industry Fitness Conference, I’ve been fascinated with it. If they like me enough this weekend, I’ll have the opportunity to teach other trainers, coaches, or really anybody who will listen about how to use the TRX. I’m also looking forward to teaching a TRX Group Training class at Supreme! Looks like we’re landing, so I’m going to wrap this up; I have to look out my window for the Golden Gate!