Friday, September 08, 2017

30-Day Fitness Challenge Beginning September 25th!

Join me!  


·      Weekly Workouts and Recipes
·      Weekly Accountability Tracking
·      Private & Supportive Facebook Group
·      My Fitness Pal Observation
·      A Chance to Win Many Prizes from TRX Training, Bosu, Under Armour and Blue Apron for Achieving Fitness Tracking Goals!

I created this challenge based on my belief that the “secret" to weight loss and overall fitness is finding fitness activities you enjoy, doing these activities with a supportive and inspiring community, and tracking your food and workouts for success! 
We will interact as a group online and also add some competition to our camaraderie through a simple points system for fitness and nutrition tracking. 
During our 30 days together my goal is for you to have a regular fitness routine and a healthy diet become part of your lifestyle for the long term.  Hopefully you will make some great friends and learn a lot along the way!


Limit: 100 participants
Cost: $75
Special Discounts:
Current live personal training clients: $25
Current members of Supreme Health and Fitness: $50


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