Thursday, August 17, 2006

Climbing Mt. Rainier for HD

Eric Licht is climbing a MOUNTAIN to raise money and awareness for Huntington's Disease.
Wow, swimming lakes, rolling logs, doing triathlons what an amazing group of people out to help find a cure for Huntington's disease. Even if you dont have any money to donate, check out this firstgiving website and forward it to your friends. He has some wonderful things to say.

Sincerely, Shana Martin

Friday, August 11, 2006

Team Hoyt... an Inspiration
I’m sitting here in tears watching the videos and reading the bio.
This man reminds me so much of my dad, I think that is why I’m crying while I read. My dad did (and does) everything he could to keep my mom’s life normal. Of course, he doesn’t do triathlons (that’s my bag of chips, not his) but he never gave a crap about what others said my mom could and could not do. He took us to Egypt when she was already getting close to advanced stages!

So if you need a bit of inspiration in ANYTHING you do, take a break from your day and check out Team Hoyt.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Volunteers Needed for Ironman Wisconsin!

Volunteers are needed to cheer on Ironmen (and Ironwomen!) on the Run Course for Ironman Wisconsin! As in previous years, I am hosting an aid station at or near the Kohl Center. We need volunteers to help hand out food and drink, and cheer like mad! This is a great way to get involved in the action, plus you will get a nifty Ironman T-Shirt and an invitation to the volunteer party!

All volunteers at the aid station will get food (usually sandwiches, chips, etc.) and are guaranteed to have a blast. If you sign up for the last shift, you may even be able to take home as much fruit, Gatorade, and water and your heart desires!

To volunteer for my station, simply visit: agree to the waiver, and continue on! If you have not helped out in the past you will need to register as a new volunteer. Once you get registered, enter the following info:

Event: Ironman
Category: Run
Area: Aid Station
Sub Area: Kohl Center
Duty: General Aid Station Support
Day: Sunday
Time: Select the time that works best for you!

I will be in touch with all volunteers via e-mail before the event.

Every aid station receives a certain amount of money to donate to a fund of choice. This year's donation will go to the Madison Log Rolling help purchase new logs, and hopefully host a major tournament at some point. We also have an opportunity to earn even more money by being the most enthusiastic aid station. I’ll be in touch with everybody regarding a theme.

Overall it should be a SUPER fun day. Everybody from last year had a blast. I look forward to seeing you all in September!

Shana Martin