Sunday, June 27, 2010

Media Mania

This is the time of year where my life goes into overdrive. I know, I’m always in overdrive, but now it’s REALLY crazy. Lumberjack season has begun, and last weekend we hosted the 6th annual Midwest Log Rolling Championships for Huntington’s Disease. Along with my competition season and fundraising comes a LOT of media attention. Our events wouldn’t be where they are today without the media! Below are a few links from our various articles. Enjoy!

ESPN STIHL Timbersports Bio:

An amazing story about me and my Dad from the Wisconsin State Journal that was featured by the Wisconsin State Journal:

Another feature about the competition in the State Journal:

David Douglas from Channel 3 shows his experiences with log rolling at the Midwest Log Rolling Championships:

Fox 47 Covers the Midwest Log Rolling Championships:

Channel 27 Covers the Midwest Log Rolling Championships:

Dustin Maher shares his experience of the Midwest Log Rolling Championships (and some cool video!) on his blog:

My radio stint on “Bob and the Showgram” in Raleigh, North Carolina. I was supossed to talk about Huntington’s Disease and Lumberjack sports, but ended up talking about the Go-Girl and naked boom running. Hmmmmm.