Friday, October 17, 2008

Frankenstein “Frankie” Goldrick 2004 – 2008

Tuesday I had probably one of the worst days of my life. Ken called around noon to let me know Frankie didn’t have much longer, so I left work and bolted up to Appleton. When I got there the little boy was barely breathing. We brought him to the clinic and he was put down with me and Ken petting him. It was very peaceful, but completely devastating.

Ken found a tumor on Frankie about one year ago, and helped in the surgery to remove it over the holidays. About a month later, the tumor reappeared, along with many more. The lymphoma took over his little body, and only gave him four solid years with us. But they were most likely the four greatest years any kitty could ask for!

He spent his days chasing laser pointers, popcorn seeds, and tin foil balls. He drank from the water faucet and would never let anybody shower alone. Although very macho with his 9 foot leaps on the wall, he had quite the sissy squeek… never really learned to meow. My favorite moments with him were when he would crawl under the blanket with me at night, and I would wrap my arms around him, and he put his paws around me.

Many may read this and think, “my god Shana, it’s just a cat,” after a few choice words, I would need to explain that to some, cats are like children. Animals are amazing because they ALWAYS love you. No matter how bad your day was, that pet will be waiting for you to make you smile. I will NEVER forget the smiles Frankenstein brought. He was the best kitty anybody could ask for. I miss my little boy.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Three Weeks Out...

A shot from healthier days... Muscle and Fitness Photo Shoot in Malibu, July 2007

…and my crutches and brace are GONE! The past few days I’ve seen huge improvements and am actually starting to feel like myself again. My PT exercises have progressed from basic straightening and bending to walking lunges and step ups. Yes folks, I now get excited by the little things.

A bit of excitement from last week… I actually found photos from my Muscle and Fitness Photo shoot. The shoot was over a year ago and the article was never published. I was quite upset, but do feel better to know at least the photos were put to some use. It’s quite ironic that I found these while lying on the couch, pale, with a knee the size of a pumpkin. :)

Other than that, my life has been quite uneventful. It is quite strange to spend this much time lying around. I can’t think of any other time in my life I’ve been like this. And let me tell you… I cannot WAIT to just go for a damn jog.

Another huge thank you to my amazing father, who got stuck carting me to work and all of my appointments until I could drive again. Thank you to Ben who filled up my ice pump an infinite number of times and kept me company through hours of TV watching… which honestly, really isn’t either of our bag. And thanks to Erin, Peter, and all of my awesome friends for stopping by or calling to keep me company.