Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Good Life

. This week I’m back in my old stomping grounds of Los Angeles. Muscle and Fitness magazine flew me out here to do a shoot for their “hot bod” section. The layout will look something like this. We aren’t sure if it will be in the October or December issue, but I will keep everybody posted!

The shoot on El Matador Beach was a blast, and I got to work with two other amazing athletic girls. Our photographer was John Russo, who has shot almost every celeb imaginable. It really was an honor.

Yesterday I got to scratch the surfing itch I’ve had for so long. Unfortunately, the waves were crap, but I was still able to ride for a few seconds, see some of my old dolphin friends, and smell the ocean breeze early in the morning. Wow do I miss it out here!

Last night I met up with my log rolling buddy Maggie, and we poked around Manhattan and Hermosa Beach where she lives. PERFECT weather and a perfect sunset; she really has the good life.

Today I’m going to be driving out to Vegas for the Women’s Tri Fitness Competition, and I will be competing there for the rest of the weekend. Lisa is flying out to be my support system too! I’m so thrilled!

I’ll be back to the Mad City on Sunday, then it’s off to the log rolling world championships the following weekend! Busy busy July!

Oh, and I will soon have some photos up from Erin’s beautiful wedding!