Tuesday, September 24, 2002


"Bush Sends Troops to West Nile"

"These cowards want to bring down our very way of life," Bush said. "They have sought to rob us of our ability to leave the house without repellent. But what they did not count on is the tremendous spirit and resolve of the American people. No one, be they man or mosquito, will dictate what we put or don't put on our skin for protection."

Okay, you have to go check out that article...I almost peed my pants reading it.  For those of you unfamiliar with The Onion, it's a very popular newspaper that originated here in good old Madison, WI.

Notice as I have more and more homework and studying that piles up, the more I post here?  I tend to sit down to study, then get preoccupied with this darn computer. 

I leave for Connecticut in less than three days!  I'm so pumped!  I guess Miles has tons of stuff lined up for us to do...as long as he promises not to greet me at the airport in a chicken suit. 

Okay, today is one of my crazy psycho long days, so I need to get back to it.  Bye!


Monday, September 23, 2002

One Round Down...

Wahoo!  I made the first cut for Homecoming Court. My interview is on Wednesday morning. Last year I wasn't voted off the island until the final cut, so we'll see how this year goes. 

After a long morning of classes and homework, I'm off to Supreme for my review from the boss man Howie. 



Sunday, September 22, 2002

Busy Busy Bee

Julie and myself at my aid station for the Ironman Wisconsin Triathlon

Yeah, yeah, so I haven't posted something in ions.  So much has happened...I have trouble finding time to sit down and write about it!

Okay, where to start?  Since the picture up there is from the Ironman, I will start there.  It was stressful getting ready for it, it was stressful all day, but man oh man did I have a blast.  I think all of my volunteers did as well.  I was in charge of aid station #3 at the Kohl Center and as you can see behind me it was no small station.  I had 120 awesome volunteers and was there for 17 hours.  We got pretty loony by around 10pm.  I must say, those athletes are so inspiring.  Not only are they incredibly dedicated hard workers, they are SO NICE.  Early afternoon I heard somebody yell, "Yeah Shana!  Nice Job...keep it up!" Turns out it was my friend Nate who I had trained with earlier in the summer who was competing.  I couldn't believe it...he was cheering for me with all of the work he was doing.  That was without a doubt my most memorable moment of the day.  Or maybe it was Doug's antics with my moped...?

Next on the list: Homecoming Court.  Last year I applied and made it to the final cut, but just missed getting onto court.  I had no idea how bad I wanted to be a part of that until I didn't make it.  This year I applied again.  For some reason, it's all I can think about.  I want more than anything to represent this wonderful school my last semester here.  Tomorrow morning I find out if I made it to first-round interviews.  Wish me luck!

More big news.  In a round-about way, I have been offered the position as pole vault coach at a Wesleyan University in Connecticut.  That also happens to be the college that Miles is finishing up his masters work.  Who is Miles?  Don't ask...it's a long story that I MAY post if I have an extra six hours to write.  Anyway, this weekend I will be flying out there to check the place out and hang with Miles.  No worries, I have promised myself many times to never make the east coast my permanent address.  If I did take the job, I'd only have to stay for one season...then back to Madison! 

Besides all of this big news, there is always the little stuff.  I am still dieting for a fitness competition in early November.  The diet has been going well minus a few cheat days.  (That ice cream in my freezer the other night TOTALLY had it coming...serves it right for looking at me like that.)  Next on the list is getting my music cut, finding a choreographer, and finding a seamstress.  Along with the diet and training, I have been keeping busy teaching Cardio Karate and working at Supreme.  Not to mention my classes from hell this semester. Aren't seniors supposed to have it easy?  Especially fifth years? 

Today I have my Track Banquet (maybe if I totally dehydrate myself this morning, crying won't be inevitable).  I am also doing a few birthday parties at Madtown and writing a paper.  But I have to stop writing so I can get my workout in before the Banquet!

Friday, September 13, 2002

Nick, Nick, Nick...

46 and a half more days until Nick's new CD is released...and boy am I ready!  His first single is already out, and the video for that single premiers on MTV Sept.16th 5:30pm ET.  Yeah, I'm just a bit excited.

So anyway...things have been busy as usual.  The Ironman is this Sunday, and I am totally excited!  I ended up with plenty of volunteers and the theme change went okay.  The stress is almost over! 

Some GREAT news...my logrolling class is REALLY popular!  So popular that it is full and has a waiting list!  I hope this sport can do as much for these kids as it did for me. 

Does anybody want to finish up my last semester of school for me, because I am totally not into it.  My motivation this year is GONE.  I was not warned that senioritis doubles in your fifth year.  At least I'm not going on for another 10 years to do research like Miles.  Did I mention I am flying to Connecticut for the weekend in a few weeks?  Yeah, call me crazy.  At least I'm not going out there to stalk Nick Carter.  But if anybody knows where he is that weekend...hehe.

Alright, lots to get done today.  Remember folks...less than 47 days!!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

One Year Later

At first I was going to write another post about how busy things are and how stressed I am.  Then I turned on CNN this morning.  Today I feel very lucky.  Lucky to have my wonderful parents, family, and friends.  When I need something, these people are just a phone call away.  Today is a day to cherish those people, as well as our country. 

Friday, September 06, 2002

Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

This morning I came up with some new words to one of my favorite childhood songs by Pete Seeger:

Where has all my free time gone?
Long time passing.
Where has all my free time gone?
Long time ago.
Where has all my free time gone?
Gone to classes, the IronMan, Supreme Health and Fitness, Logrolling school, Kinesiology Club, Fitness competition prep, HDSA, Adapted Fitness student help, UW Athlete Mentor Program, Lumberjack Shows, Madtown Twisters Gymnastics, homework, Cardio Karate, Personal Trainer Certifications, and my messy roommate everyone.
Oh, when will she ever learn?
When will she ever learn?

So I figured that no longer having my days filled with track practice and track functions, I would have all of this time to sit back, relax, and enjoy my last semester...so I figured WAY wrong.  But don't get me wrong here, I am in no way not enjoying my last semester.  If I didn't want to do any of this stuff, I wouldn't.  Okay, I take that back.  I don't want to go to classes and do homework...but I'm kind of stuck with that for a few more months. 

Last night was a bit crazy to say the least.  After a full day of classes that started at 7:45am, I had a meeting for the IronMan.  This whole Ironman thing is turning out to be a LOT more work than I had expected...but it's also looking to me more and more fun everyday.  Then off to logrolling class.  I was super excited because this is the first week with the new logs Jamie just made for the class.  So I get to the YMCA and there are about 4 thousand kids there for my class!  (Okay, not 4 thousand, but a LOT.)  Most of the kids that are normally in my class were stuck on the waiting list.  A waiting list for my logrolling class???  It was CRAZY!  I encountered many problems with the newly painted logs.  First of all, the painted part was WAY too slippery to hold on to...so that did not go very well.  Second, the paint had dried into sharp points which cut the heck out of my legs.  But I will have that all taken care of by next week.  I'm actually hoping the YMCA will give me another night to teach logrolling so that all of the interested people can join.  I came home exhausted, starving, and quite cranky from the long day.  Luckily I had a hysterical phone conversation with Miles.  I don't think he planed for it to be hysterical...but it sure turned out that way.  :)

    So my aid station for the Ironman is going to ROCK!  It's located at the Kohl Center and our theme is Badger Pride.  Bucky, many UW athletes, some poms girls, and others will be there!  There will be tons of food for everybody, as well as a prime viewing area for the triathlon.  I still need a few more volunteers if anybody is interested.  The website I put together for my aid station is at:


Have a great day everybody!



Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Never Take Time for Granted

    Today I learned a very important lesson...never put off telling somebody how you feel, because it may be the last time you see them.  Many of you know I TA an Adapted Fitness class.  We work with people with a variety of disabilities from around the community and help them incorporate exercise into their lives.  A wonderful man that I had become very close to over the past year stopped breathing the other day and was put on life support.  I told the professor I would visit him at the hospital at 9:30 today.  I heard news that things were looking up for him, he had began to breathe on his own.  So I ended up taking an extra long shower and didn't have enough time to visit him.  I have a lot more free time tomorrow, so I figured I would stop by then.  I just got an e-mail that he passed away this afternoon.  I missed my chance.  All because I took a long shower.  Tonight I have spent quite a bit of time reflecting on how quickly somebody special can be taken from you, and that telling somebody how much they mean to you should never be put off.  May you rest in peace Lester.

Sunday, September 01, 2002

The Love of My Life

Since nothing incredibly exciting has been occurring in my life, I thought I'd take this web space to plug Nick's new upcoming solo CD.  It will be coming out October 29th!  Maybe I could be Nick's girlfriend for Halloween?  :)  Anyway, you can hear his first solo release "Help Me" on his website http://www.n-carter.com

Yeah, maybe I will grow up someday...but for now I will continue to enjoy Nick.  :)