Friday, December 14, 2007

Fitness America World Championships 2007

Yeah yeah yeah, I'm a little behind on my update. I could say I have been waiting for more pictures, but the truth is I've been too lazy!
After my great success in Tampa for the Women's Tri Fitness, I figured I had used up all of my luck for one competition season. For once, I was thrilled to be wrong.
I got to LA exhausted (Tri fitness usually wipes me out for a few weeks) but managed to keep my stress levels low and really enjoy my trip. I shared a room with Team Supreme Fitness Superstars Dustin Maher and Lisa Mueller at the Wilshire Grand Hotel. I figured for such a fancy hotel we would have a slightly larger room, this time, I wasn't so thrilled to be wrong. The hotel did let us use the Gold's Gym across the street for no charge, which was wonderful! Nothing gives you more of a Los Angeles experience than steroids and bad plastic surgery at a Gold's Gym.
Anyway, the fitness girls did their competition all in one evening, which was WONDERFUL. Our opening dance number was a bit off, but has it ever gone well? I was once again THRILLED with my routine. I was so nervous I thought for sure I would blow it, but once again I was able to feed off of the energy in the audience! The bikini round is never my best, but I pulled off my model turns without a wobble. In the end, I was called up for top ten, then, top 5. I couldn't believe it. Me? Top 5 at Fitness America Worlds? I answered a completely different question than I was asked for the interview round, which led one judge to give met he highest possible score, and another the lowest. I always find it a bit funny how they can judge these things. To my credit, even if I had dominated in the interview, the other four girls were still far enough ahead of me to finish ahead. So fifth place... not too shabby. Especially with the caliber of competition this year.
Special thanks to: my amazing choreographers Cathy Savage and Paula Harvey, my wonderful boyfriend Ken who helped keep me motivated and eating healthy, my dear friend Lisa for getting up and working out with me at 6am every morning and kicking ass at the competition herself, Maggie B. for the great costume, Kay Cahill for making some adjustments on the costume last minute, my uncle Howard for mailing my dirty laundry home from Florida, the members at Supreme Health and Fitness for watching my routine over, and over, and over again, Trader Joes for opening in Madison, and my kitties Frankenstein and Roscoe for making me smile even when I was ready to pull all of my hair out. How is that for an Oscar speech?
I will post more photos from the competition and my photo shoots when I get them. Thanks for reading!