Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Women's Tri Fitness: Day 2

Whew! What a day! I woke up sore as heck from the routine and box jumps the night before, but the worst was yet to come!
The obstacle course was quite a challenge, but I managed to drop 11 seconds off from my time in Vegas! I was thrilled! And my hands didn't even tear apart!
The shuttle run kicked my butt, but I do believe I cut some time from my run in Vegas.
The bench press was quite a disappointment. In Vegas, the number was calculated wrong so I only had to do 65# (as many reps as possible). If I had done the math on my own (60% of my body weight) I would have realized that 65 was much too light. Anyway, I trained with this weight for the past several months. When I was called up to bench press, they announced my weight as 75#! Needless to say I didn't do as well on the bench press as I would have hoped.
The overall results were amazing. I WON the routine round, which personally, is a HUGE achievement, and I am thrilled. I actually placed 7th in the obstacle course and I believe 6th in physique overall. Here is the best part... I took SECOND PLACE overall! That routine really saved me!
I'm currently in Sarasota visiting my grandparents and uncle. I'm actually typing this at my grandparents' retirement home, so I have to be fast! Tomorrow I fly out to Hollywood, CA for the Fitness America Nationals. Wish me luck!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Women's Tri Fitness: Day 1

I'm currently chillin' at the Holiday Inn Express computer trying to slow down this adrenaline rush so that I can sleep!
I arrived in Tampa yesterday for the Women's Tri Fitness Fall Classic. Yesterday was spent relaxing in the hotel room, and exploring the area.
Today the competition didn't start until 4pm, so I visited a few cool places to pass the day. This morning I went for a beautiful jog at Upper Tampa Bay Park. What a view! I saw dozens of egrets and got a chance to relax and read about the wildlife in Tampa Bay.
After the annoying application process of Pro Tan, I went out to tour the Big Cat Sanctuary. I'm sure everybody there thought I was some sort of freak with my dark orange tan, but I still enjoyed myself! Please take a moment to visit their website. I learned so much about how cruel humans can be, and do not care to support a zoo, circus, or silly "pictures with tiger cubs" ever again. These animals were so beautiful.
At 4pm I actually got around to competing! I never feel great later in the day (I've always been a morning person) but things still went fairly well. Tonight we competed in bikini, fitness routines, and box jumps. I felt really great about my routine, and was thrilled the audience responded. It's fun to feed off of their energy!
Now my legs are exhausted, and I need a good night sleep!

Before I sign off... one more quick update. KEN GOT A JOB!!!! We are moving to Appleton, but I will still work full time in Madison. Yep, I'm in my late 20's and moving back home with my daddy. Thank god I have a great one! I will be doing quite a bit of driving, but Ken finally having a job (and a GREAT ONE!) will be well worth it. The Vet clinic is wonderful, and the staff was very friendly! I can't wait to get to know them better. And the best part... there is a popcorn machine in the break room!!!
So needless to say, the past week has been stressful with getting ready for these two fitness contests and moving into two new places. But, happy times are ahead!