Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Back to Blogging…

Thanks to having a computer geek for a father, I began blogging before many even had Internet, back in 1995. What did I write about? Backstreet Boys and Nick Carter mostly, but I also posted about my love for gymnastics, log rolling, and fitness. One of the other 6 people on the internet at that time happened to be a fitness modeling agent and the rest was history… I began my journey into the world of fitness competitions and a slight attempt at modeling.

I kept up this blog until Facebook and twitter became major social media outlets and I felt the world knew pretty much everything going on in my life through my (frequent) posts. Unfortunately, not a lot can be conveyed in a one sentence status update on Facebook or twitter, and after reading (and loving) blogs of dear friends Abby Brockman and Ami McMullen I decided to get back on this bandwagon.

But why blogging? Many swear by it as a business tool, while others blog to vent. Why is always a very important question: Why am I doing this exercise? Why am I in this relationship? Why do I love my job? These questions should continually be asked, and if there isn’t a great answer, alternatives should be explored.

Here are my answers:
• Educate others about the benefits and “how-to’s” of fitness
• Raise awareness for Huntington’s Disease care and research
• Reveal the amazing world of lumberjack sports
• Share fun life experiences and photos with friends and family
• Organizing my crazy thoughts into words
• Most importantly…. make others, think, smile, and laugh

I did write a fairly lengthy post back in January about goal setting but after reading Abby’s blog, realized I never shared my OWN goals for 2012. So…here they are! And you will notice that most blog posts will in some way, shape, or form, map back to one of these. And yes, feel free to hold me accountable.

• Win routine round at Tri-Fitness National Championships this November.
• Delegate tasks from the US Log Rolling Association and HDSA to take stress off!
• 2 hours of training daily beginning in May
• Complete new TRX Force Program
• Complete Cotter Kettlebell DVDs
• Complete PTA Global Certification
• Complete Combine 360 certification
• Weekly Blog Posts
• Weekday Calorie Tracking
• One night a week for family time
• One night a week with Peter (no computer/no phone)
• Delegate, delegate, delegate. Did I mention delegate?
• Fill all Wingra log rolling classes
• Cook (what, seriously??!!) something healthy once per week.

And this list continues to grow!

And we're off.....!