Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Great Start to the Lumberjacking Season!

The Midwest Log Rolling Championships finished with yet another successful year! This year’s tournament was a fundraiser for the Huntington’s Disease Society of America – Great Lakes Region. Through competitor entries, donations, and sponsor donations, we raised well over $1000, and money is still coming in!

On top of the fund raising success, the competitors had a blast as well! We grilled out, played games in the park, rented canoes, and gave away prizes! Hopefully many new friendships were made.

The professionals also had an exciting day of competition. Many great matches and huge upsets made this quite a spectator event!

So congrats and thank you to everybody who made it out to Madison last Saturday. I hope everybody had a blast, while raising money for a great cause. Look out for an even bigger event next year!

The tournament was a HUGE success thanks to the many volunteers: George Martin, Ken Goldrick, Olivia Judd, Kevin Trauscht, Alex Waite, Larry Waite, Doug Goodmanson, Chris Fischer, Travis Wells, John Worthington, Melissa Worthington, Phil Olsen, and the Swansons!

Also a huge thank you goes out to our sponsors: Wingra Canoe and Sailing Center, Flad and Associates, Pasqual’s Salsaria, Noah’s Ark Water Park, Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park, and Trek Bicycle Store.

USLRA Log Rolling Final Results

Midwest Log Rolling Championships Madison, WI

July 24th, 2006

U7 Coed

1st Allie Peterson

2nd Rachel Ellis

3rd Tanner Hallett

4th Bria Peterson

5th Sam Rawson

6th Andrew Serpico

U10 Girls

1st Kestra Peterson

2nd Gretchen Greene

3rd Monica Delgado

4th Lilah Swanson

5th Amy James

U13 Girls

1st Amber Scarborough

2nd Nikki Niewold

3rd Sage Swanson

4th Abigail Cahill

5th Maya Webne- Behrman

6th KoraJane Merchak

7th Kate Wellenstein

U17 Girls

1st Karli Heintz

2nd Fiona Cahill

3rd Rita Anderson

4th Andrea Serpico

Adult Novice

1st Ken Goldrick

2nd Erin Withwski

3rd Ken Merchak

4th Jeff Steinhauer

5th Marcus Gordon

6th Bob Swanson

7th Jackie Wendegatz

8th Daniel Phillips

9th Chris Serpico

U10 Boys

1st Garrick Olsen

2nd Torrin Hallett

3rd Konnor Merchak

4th Kollon Merchak

5th Nash Hadle (Tie)

6th Dominik Serpico (Tie)

U17 Boys

1st Aaron Yeshe

2nd Will Hoeshler

3rd Cody Ring

4th Kenny Merchak

Women’s Pro

1st Shana Martin

2nd Jenny Atkinson

3rd Mandy Erdmann

4th Katie Rick

5th Taylor Duffy

6th Lizzy Hoeshler

7th Crystal Salzman

8th Leah Stanton

9th Olivia Judd

Men’s Pro

1st Travis Wells

2nd Tyler Fischer

3rd Jacob Rick

4th Doug Goodmundson

5th John Hallett

6th Alex Waite

7th Kevin Trascht

Women’s Boom Run

1st Shana Martin (14.47)

2nd Katie Rick (16.92)

3rd Jenny Atkinson (20.42)

4th Lizzie Hoeshler (21.24)

5th Mandy Erdmann (21.33)

6th Crystal Salzman (22.20)

7th Taylor Duffy (26.48)

Men’s Boom Run

1st Tyler Fischer (13.09)

2nd Doug Goodmundson (13.68)

3rd Jacob Rick (13.77)

4th Alex Waite (13.83)

5th Kevin Trauscht (14.46)

6th Ken Goldrick (21.22)

7th Travis Wells (25.55)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Logrollers and boom runners from all over the US compete for rankings while raising money to battle Huntington’s Disease

Nationally ranked and recognized lumbersport athletes will compete in the Midwest Logrolling Championship in Madison, WI while raising money for the Great Lakes region of the Huntington’s Disease Society of America.

Saturday, June 24th,2006
Amateurs begin at 12 noon. Professionals begin at 2:30 p.m.

Wingra Canoe and Sailing Center
824 Knickerbocker Street
Madison, WI 53711

Some of the lumbersport athletes that will be participating in the competition include:
Lizzie Hoeschler – 2004 Log Rolling World Champion
Mandy Erdmann - Six time ESPN Great Outdoor Games gold medalist in the Boom Run.
Jenny Atkinson – 2005 Log Rolling World Champion and 1995 and 1996 Boom Run World Champion.
Shana Martin – 2004 ESPN Great Outdoor Games Mix Double Boom Run Gold Medalist and 2005 STIHL Timbersport Series Boom Run Champion.

Sponsors – Event sponsors include Flad and Associates, Mount Olympus Water and Theme Park, Pasqual's Southwestern Restaurant and Noah's Ark Waterpark.

Pre-event interviews are available with Shana Martin, lumbersport athlete, event organizer and at-risk for Huntington's Disease and/or Melissa Worthington, Regional Director for the Huntington's Disease Society of America, Great Lakes.

All proceeds from the event will be donated to the research and treatment of individuals living with Huntington’s Disease, a degenerative brain disorder for which there is no treatment or cure. One of the competitors in the tournament, Shana Martin, is at risk for developing this deadly disease. Her website is located at:

The Huntington’s Disease Society of America is a national non-profit health agency dedicated to finding a cure for Huntington’s Disease (HD) while providing vital support, information and educational services to improve the lives of those affected with HD. Through a national network of volunteer-based chapters and affiliates, the organization provides resources and guidance for families of those suffering from the disease. For additional information, please visit

Friday, June 16, 2006

Today is a Good Day Filled With Hope for the Future

Dear Shana,
I want to report exciting news that was released today. HDSA Coalition for the Cure Researcher Michael Hayden announced that his team has found that by blocking the action of a key enzyme (caspase-6) in the process that causes the cleavage of mutant huntingtin protein, they have been able to prevent symptoms of Huntington’s Disease from developing in a mouse. There are many steps ahead to determine how this model of prevention in a mouse can be implemented using drug inhibitors. If promising substances are identified they would be moved along the HDSA Research Continuum to clinical trials which could yield potential treatments. Dr. Martha A. Nance, member of the HDSA MSAC (Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee) on Dr. Hayden’s work:

“After over 25 years of research on Huntington disease, Dr. Hayden and his group in Canada have made a remarkable discovery, that they can prevent the symptoms of HD from occurring in a genetically-engineered HD mouse by altering the huntingtin protein so that it cannot be "snipped" into pieces by the caspase-6 enzyme. Although this finding, by itself, is not a cure for HD, it suggests that treatments to block the activity of the caspase-6 enzyme in humans would be a promising avenue for researchers to pursue. Combined with earlier reports that brain cells have the ability to "clean themselves up" if the production of the abnormal huntingtin protein is stopped, this should give renewed hope to HD-affected persons and their families. There is no better time than now to support HD research efforts, as we move ever closer to treatments for the disease!”

Monday, June 12, 2006

Midwest Meander 2006

Marie, Me, Charlotte, and Sheri accepting awards from the Huntington's Disease Society of America in recognition of our ride.

This past week was nothing short of amazing... and exhausting! I finally had the honor of riding with Marie Nemec and Charlotte Reicks (and Sheri Cole!) to raise awareness and funds for Huntington's Disease. This is Marie and Charlotte's 8th year riding. When I found out they were biking through Wisconsin as part of their route, I couldn't say no. Ken drove me up to Eau Claire last Saturday (June 3rd) and I began my biking with them on Sunday. 90 miles on my first day! By the end of Sunday, I learned this was not a race, and to eat and drink MUCH more than I was. Sunday evening all I could think about was shower, food, and sleep. The next several days went much smoother, and I really got a chance to get to know the wonderful women I was riding with. As much as I hate this disease, I am grateful that it has brought me to some of the most amazing people I've ever met. Marie and Charlotte don't even have HD in their family, yet they put in all of this time and energy to make a difference.
My favorite part of the biking was meeting all of the amazing people in every town. As awareness was our main goal with the ride, we got a chance to tell anybody and everybody about Huntington's Disease, and why it is so important to find a cure. In my week riding, we did not find a single person not willing to listen. And many handed us a few dollars after hearing why we were riding! On top of that, I was in awe of the generosity of the Lutheran Churches we stayed in. I have never been a very religious person, but I now more than ever appreciate people of faith. They all took us in, and made us feel at home wherever we were... no matter how tired, hungry, and grumpy I was!
On Thursday, we arrived in Milwaukee for the HDSA National convention. My butt hurt, my quads were aching, and I was exhausted. All of this and I was only riding for a week! The other ladies go for over a month! All of this work was made worth-while when we pulled into the Hilton and were greeted by a huge crowd of our HD friends and family. I suddenly felt rejuvenated... and was able to reflect on all of the positive things we had done over the week. I also noticed my kick ass tan! :) I went into this week expecting at least two or three major catastrophes (getting lost, bike crash, flat tire, bike problems, etc.) and we didn't encounter a single problem. Just an amazingly rewarding week. I love my new friends, and hope we all ride together soon!
If you would like more information on our ride through the Midwest, please visit the ride website:
There is also a daily message on the site, where you can read in more detail about our adventures!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Missing in Action

This is where I've been all week. My butt hurts! I'll write all about it when I get back from the Huntington's National Convention in Milwaukee.