Friday, July 05, 2002

Shades of Red

I'm back up north hanging out at Travis's in Blaine Minnesota. We spent our July Fourth logrolling and practicing on Jamie's boom. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. I figured I was tan enough already to not have to worry about burning...but I figured wrong. The funny thing is, the right side of my body is SUPER red from having my window open on my drive up yesterday. But hey, trucker tans can be cool, right? Yesterday was a blast, just like any day up here is. I think my choice to be patriotic and wear my American flag bikini while logrolling was a bad one. The guys seemed to find every way in the book to get me to land on the log and come close to losing my top. Boys will always be boys...even when they ARE 26 years old and about to become a daddy, right Trav? After a day of logrolling, boom running, and swallowing enough duck crap to feed us for a week...we met up with Lori and her friend to see some fireworks. Fireworks are never that impressive after seeing Rhythm and Booms. Today the guys left me to go do a Lumberjack show in Iowa. I basically have the whole day, and the city of Minneapolis, to myself. I think I'm going to go to the Mall of America, then train for a bit at Jamie's place. Tomorrow the guys are going to Hayward to practice the boom run there. I have to get back to Madison though, because I have a stinking triathlon on Sunday morning. Hopefully I will get some rolling in on Saturday before I leave. Alright, off to the mall.


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