Monday, July 01, 2002


I had a GREAT weekend.  On Friday we (my mom, dad, cousin Della, her Husband Mike, and her daughter Lexi) went to the House on the Rock.  It was boring as usual, but still great to hang out with my family.  Friday night I took Della and Mike on a tour of Madison's college nightlife.  We slept in Saturday morning, then went to breakfast at Micky's Dairy Bar with my roomate Doug. It was a very interesting experience. I brought up the fact that our waiter look exactly like Spiderman when he was a dork (Peter). We started thinking of ways to determine if he was really Spiderman, when Doug blurted out, "Let's throw him against the wall and see if he sticks." That comment forced Mike to spew water out of his nose and brought me close to peeing my pants. We must have laughed for about 10 minutes when the waiter asked if we were laughing at him. We didn't have the nerve to tell him we were on to his Spiderman secret. Okay, so maybe you had to be there...but he really did look like Peter. Later (after a nice long nap) we went to Rhythm and Booms.  We hung out at the carnival during the day and watched the incredible fireworks show that night.  It was the best I have ever seen.  It was also neat to see Lee Greenwood.  After an hour of waiting...we finally made it to our van and I got home and crashed.  Sunday my dad was way too pooped to go to six flags like we had planned, so I took Mike, Della, and Lexi logrolling at the lake.  It was a HOT day, so it felt nice to be in the water.  Lexi made some friends, while I exhausted myself.  After we got all showered up (you need to after hanging out in that lake) we picked up my mom and hiked a bit at Blue Mounds State Park.  I forgot how beautiful it was there.  We then had a yummy dinner with a sucky waitress in Mt. Horeb before dropping my mom off.  There was also a sweet article about me in the Wisconsin State Journal on Sunday.  I don't have a link to it, but maybe I will scan it in or something. 

Today was back to the grind. I did get to sleep in though.  I took a really great spinning class at UW Sports Med, rolled at the lake (it was even hotter today) then went to work at Sports med for the rest of the evening.  Tomorrow morning for my class we are doing a mock triathlon.  I should probably be in bed, but I know once I fall asleep...tomorrow morning will come faster.  This Thursday I will go up to Stillwater and do some rolling and hang out with the Lumberjack crew.  I may go and practice in Hayward on Friday while the Minnesota guys are doing a show.  ESPN Great Outdoor Games is NEXT WEEK.  I'm just a wee bit nervous.  Okay, okay, I'm peeing my pants already.  But I probably should get to bed so I'm not too beat tomorrow.  Type to everybody later...keep listening to the Backstreet Boys.  :)


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