Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Nice Cool Room

Although incredibly boring, today is one of the greatest days of my Summer.  Why?  Because I have finally installed my window air conditioner!  No more sweating buckets everyday that I am at my apartment!  I highly doubt I installed it the way the manual said, but hey, it's in the window and blowing cool air into my room.  What more could I ask for? 

So I did eventually go for my long run on Sunday.  It was incredibly hot and humid, so I thought I'd take a shortcut back.  Well, I ended up getting lost and going for an 8 mile run.  For some that may be a cake walk, but in this weather...it royally kicked my butt.  I was in a much better mood when I returned home though.  You quickly forget about your problems when you are constantly wondering if you are going to survive or not.  :)  Sunday evening I took Doug and Tiffanie logrolling.  Tiffanie used to roll with me when I was little, and she had no trouble at all picking it up again.  Doug on the other hand...I'd be surprised if he will ever be able to have kids after some of the falls he took. 

The past few days, as well as tomorrow, have been filled with preparations for the ESPN Great Outdoor Games.  Okay, so I really haven't been preparing for the games...I've just been trying to catch up on all of the homework I have not yet done this summer so that I don't have to worry about it over this upcoming weekend.  After my workout this morning, I've been behind this computer most of the day typing stuff up.  Tomorrow I seriously do have to get packed and ready to go to New York.  I'm really excited about this year.  Honestly, I'm not really excited.  I'm so nervous I've been going to the bathroom every five minutes.  But that's beside the point.  I always have a good time with the lumberjack crowd, and adding ESPN in there makes it even more exciting.  I've trained very hard, so we will see if it pays off or not.  I was excited to see my name on the front of the Great Outdoor Games website this morning under "By the Numbers".  I would like to point out that they forgot to mention Mandy Erdman and Taylor Duffy who are also competing in the same events as myself and Lizzy. So the number really should be 4. 

Alright, I have to get to bed.  I'm so excited to sleep in my nice cool room!  Goodnight all.  Sweet dreams of the Backstreet Boys.



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