Sunday, February 21, 2010

2/9/2010 Kilimanjaro Climb Day 6, Africa Day 9 Barafu Camp 15,000 feet

There is no f*%$#@g oxygen up here. It takes all of the energy I have just to get dressed. Walking to the bathroom requires a 5 minute rest. Other than that, the short day today has been a blast. Gretchen mastered saying, “I want it doggy-style” and I chime in with “right now *expletive expletive*”. We literally went through this with every porter and guide. This paired with other random Swahili expletives every few minutes had all of the Africans on our trail cracking up and all of the Muzungu very confused. We also mastered “I want you”, “I want your body” and “I loooooooooove you”. Laughing makes this whole oxygen issue a bit harder to deal with, but it’s totally worth it.

A helicopter rescue at 15,000 feet. This made us somewhat nervous.

We had a tough, short, but obviously amusing hike to camp today. After lunch I went off by myself on a acclimatization hike up about 1,000 feet. My head hurt a bit at this point, but nothing horrible. Then sleep.

Tonight we get up at 11pm to begin our hike to the summit. We have to climb 4,000 feet in 8 hours. This will quite possibly be one of the biggest challenges of my life. Katie just declared she will not eat much tonight so that she won’t be too heavy for Nate to carry.

Katie also found it funny to lock me in the “tourist toilet” (hole) because is locks from the outside. Rather than helping me Nate filmed the scene on his camera. Funny guys, really funny.

Okay, off to bed for a few hours of sleep.


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