Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2/5/2010 Kilimanjaro Climb Days 1 – 2, Africa Days 4 – 5
Shira 1 Camp 11,500 feet

Two days of climbing and we are doing well! Katie had a terrible reaction to her Malaria meds and was very ill the night before out climb. The morning of climb day her and Peter decided to not join us. We were all crushed.

We left an hour late (we wanted to make sure Katie would be okay) only to see our grumpy “plus one” was pissed in the van. After a three hour drive, we made it to Londorosi Gate. On the way there Gretchen and I tried to ride on the truck the porters were on. It was wide open and they were crammed in the back- I tried hanging off of the support bar- it broke and I fell off of the truck! So much for losing weight on this trip…

At the gate we hopped into our Land Rover and had the ride of our lifetime to the Lemosho gate. I haven’t laughed and screamed so much in a long time.

We had a beautiful 4 hour hike through the jungle- monkeys and all! At camp we had to wait a bit because the truck carrying the porters broke down. But finally tents and bags! Our “plus one” freaked out on our guide for making him wait. And because he did not properly waterproof his bag- all of hi things were wet- once again he yelled. For dinner he gave us all dirty looks and took his food into his own tent. Our guide was so upset he called for another guide to take grumpy “plus one” off by himself. Now we were 4.

I had some amazing sleep (other than “plus one” snoring in the tent next to us) and discovered the value of earplugs. After a fantastic breakfast we had a beautiful 7 hour hike up the Shira Plateau. We left the jungle after about an hour of hiking and switched into the “Heather” climate above the tree line.

Our guide’s phone rang (he gets service up here!) and we got word that Peter and Katie were meeting us at the Shira campground! I was so happy I yelled. There was an emergency road they drove them up and they only had a 2 hour hike to our camp. Katie is much better and we are all together again!

Now we are sitting at camp enjoying popcorn and hot chocolate as a goofy group. Other than a slight sunburn and headache I’m doing well so far.

Tomorrow- Shira Plateau to 12,500 feet!


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