Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kilimanjaro Climb Day 3, Africa Day 6
2/6/2010 Moir Campsite 13,500 Feet

Always. Wear. Sunscreen. Hopefully I can learn that before I turn 30. I have 3 weeks. Yesterday through the haze, I managed to burn the heck out of my neck and arms. I am now a true redneck- but don’t count on me voting for Palin. Other than the sunburn and slight headache, this hike has been nothing short of amazing. Today we hiked over the Shira Plateau. We are now in Moorland climate. No more trees just shrubs, large rocks, and beautiful flowers. My new favorite flower is a white one called the everlasting. We also saw lobelia- which is a beautiful plant that opens up during the day for sun and shuts at night for protection from the cold.

Our amazing view of the mountain kept us going despite our headaches. In the middle of the night I woke up to use our toilet (it’s actually pretty neat- it even sort of flushes!) and saw the most amazing site- the mountain peak lit under moonlight with billions of stars above. Apparently I was so excited about this view I didn’t realize my Duluth silk sleep sack (my favorite thing EVER) was stuck in my pants. Upon return to my tent I tore the whole thing apart looking for my sleep sack. This morning I found it laying in front of our toilet. I hope nobody peed on it!

During today’s hike I really mastered the Go-Girl, which is going to come in handy as we get into colder weather. Apparently the “shake” is key.

Back at camp today we all felt our heads and the rain really came down- perfect opportunity for napping. After my fantastic nap Nate helped me wash my hair in the freezing cold stream. BRRRRRRRR! But I feel so clean! Right now we are all in the dining tent. Gretchen is playing cards with our guide Bruce and he keeps cheating! Nate has been searching for dirty words on my travel Boggle for the last 30 minutes.

In all seriousness, the view of the peak and glaciers right now is phenomenal. We seem so close!

The next few days will be challenging yet rewarding. I’m sure I will be able to keep going- I’m doing this for my mom.


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