Sunday, February 21, 2010

2/21/2010 Thank You

And now my list of people I want to thank for supporting this climb and making it possible.

First of all, this climb would not have happened without a slightly inebriated Liz Weber telling me I should do the climb while in my hotel room at the HDSA National Convention last June. After getting the “okay” from Nate, next thing I knew we were planning the second annual Kilimanjaro Klimb for the Kure! So a huge thank you to Liz Weber, Protus, Billy Aaron Brown, Heather Alimossy, and all of the 2009 climbers.

Next, I need to thank my teammates Nate Greenberg, Gretchen Greenberg, Ryan Desch, Peter Verstegen and Katie Verstegen. Without you guys I wouldn’t have made it. Your smiles, laughter, and constant encouragement got me to the top. Also, thank you for wiping our toilet seat, unlike those smelly Dutch folks.

And now, the corporate sponsors. I’d like to start by saying I did not approach one corporate donor for this event (hopefully HDSA doesn’t get mad about this). We relied 100% on donations from friends and family. Without even asking I was contacted by Duluth Trading Company (my lumberjack sponsor) to provide us with gear. They donated thousands of dollars of clothing and gear for our climb. You will see something donated by Duluth in every single photo. My personal favorites: the coyote sunglasses, the silk sleep sack, the new action hiking pants, the Smartwool socks, and the awesome Duluth underwear. I cannot thank everybody there enough. The next unexpected surprise was a $500 donation from STIHL Inc. What a wonderful company… not only do they sponsor one of our largest lumberjack competitions of the year, they also help me with my philanthropic endeavors.

And, just as I always do, I need to thank my dad. Once again he stepped up to help by driving us to and from the Chicago Airport. He also helped cover a few of my travel expenses. Thank you Daddy.

I cannot put into words how amazed and thrilled I was to see all of the donations that came in. You all are absolutely wonderful.

Mike & Lynn Lindau DeLargie Family Beth and Brian Donley Erin Patten Anne Flaten Lorna Kleidman Jesse D Gilbert Randy Hauer Tom and Glenda Gillihan Allison MacKenzie Jane Schmieding Kate Fischer Anonymous Jimmy Pollard Megan and Mike Kling Kathy sharp Nick, Kay, Fiona, sisters, and doggies Christine, Matt, Breanne & Kara Delisle Jeanne Engle Annette McDaniel Hallett Family Fiona Cahill Nick Berard Nora O'Brien Evie, Jen and Scott Lynch Jon Maseng Jack and Jodi Sherman Lara Olivia Judd Betty & John Moore (KY) Katie Cragg Jenny Atkinson Karen & Bill Brown Cathy Savage Debby StirlingHart Viau Family traci Pete Eng Ketchikan Cohos Log Rolling Team Steve and Pat Wolf Tamara Berg Mary Elizabeth Grimm Anna Greenberg Rachel Yates Caitlin Bradfield Andrea Spiel Margaret Whiting Randy Farley Jimmy SAS Nicole Desch Rhett Neuman SAS, Inc Tim, Stacie, Mars, and Pluto Eric St. Martin Brent Hanson Jon Seckinger Koho VanBerkel Family Ed Desch The Locks Paul Fisher Dan Kenney Deanna Hiew David Cates Candy Mears Megan Trumper Evan Groth Jessie Dewolf Sonya Heather Wheeler Schayna Peterson Adam Lenss Jackie Hehn Adam Lutz Karen and John Greenberg Anna Greenberg The Bjornson's Christina Rebekah Criswell

Finally, my largest thank you goes out to my mom and all of the HD families. You are all my motivation for EVERYTHING I do.


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