Saturday, February 07, 2009

25 Stupid Things About Me

Apparently writing the "25 things about me" is the big thing on facebook now. After actually having fun reading everybody's, I finally decided to write my own. Enjoy!

I’ll admit I’ve had so much fun reading everybody else’s that I may as well do my own.

1. My mother is living in a nursing home with Huntington’s Disease, and I have a 50% chance of also having the disease. Spreading awareness and doing everything I possibly can to help find a cure is my life mission.

2. Although quite nerdy with his 1970’s glasses and dress socks pulled up to his knees, my dad is my hero and I love him more than anything.

3. I’ve been a lumberjill since the age of 7 and can’t imagine anything more enjoyable than log rolling and boom running. I was quite horrible for my first 20 years but stuck with it for the fun and friends, and now I’m a three time world champion log roller and world champion boom runner!

4. In my free time I also enjoy losing a bunch of weight, doing cheesy (but oh so fun) gymnastics routines on stage, and strutting around in a tiny bikini at fitness contests. Sometimes I’ll even throw in an obstacle course in the Las Vegas summer heat.

5. I’ve had two ACL surgeries because of #4, but NO I am not planning on quitting.

6. I had a sick obsession with the Backstreet Boys since 1993. I think Nick Carter has a restraining order on me.

7. I am STRONGLY pro choice and have done a lot of work with Planned Parenthood. Not everybody agrees with me, but I am truly proud of it.

8. I am a card carrying (or pin wearing?) member of Kiwanis of Downtown Madison. And no, it’s not just for old men.

9. I adore cats more than any other animal. My first big heartbreak was losing my childhood “brother” Cleo in 2003. Probably the hardest was losing my dear Frankenstein much too early to cancer earlier this year. I still cry all the time over that little boy.

10. I want to plant my roots in Madison, Wisconsin. I was born and raised here, lived in Connecticut, then Los Angeles, and now I am quite happy back at home. This city truly cannot be beat.

11. I work at the greatest health club in the world. Honest to god, I’ve never seen a better one. We might not have top-of-the-line equipment, but the staff and members are some of the greatest people you will ever meet. I have more fun at work than I should be allowed. Dream job? Heck yeah.

12. My best friend is Erin Patten. We grew up flipping together in gymnastics. We both have the maturity level of a 3 year old. She is the sister I never had.

13. Seriously? I’m only on number 13? Woof! Now these are going to start to become random.
I have a strange fondness for Canada.

14. My two front teeth are fake. I knocked them out pole vaulting in college.

15. Trader Joe’s is the greatest grocery store in the world. I do 99% of my shopping there.

16. I was the first female pole vaulter at the University of Wisconsin. Thus I was a record holder. I totally cheat.

17. I sleep with my stuffed cow “Moo Cow” every night. Moo Cow was a gift to me from my friend Nikki at my 8th birthday.

18. I went to Israel and Egypt during the Gulf War with my parents when I was 11. It was amazing to be the ONLY tourists at the pyramids, yet scary to see all of the gas mask commercials and men walking around with machine guns.

19. I always have and always will drive a white car. My current car is the Scion xD. I highly recommend it.

20. My favorite smell is the world is freshly cut wood.

21. I know nothing about fashion and don’t care to learn. Workout clothing is my wardrobe.

22. I teach one mean spinning class.

23. I have zero free time, yet I am the president of the Huntington’s Disease Society of America Wisconsin and vice president of the International Log Rolling Association.

24. I was blond as a child, but at the age of 13 I started coloring it this way.

25. I honestly do like to stick things up my nose to make myself sneeze. If you know me well, you’ve seen this happen.


Blogger Lynch Family said...

I have been completely sucked in by reading everybody's lists, too much of my time is spent on Facebook! Your list further confirms that you are one awesome woman! Thanks for being such a great role-model for Evie (and all of us!)

2/08/2009 7:12 AM  
Blogger Shana Verstegen said...

Was it the Nick Carter obsession, or the making myself sneeze by sticking forign objects up my nose that make me a good role-model? :)

2/09/2009 10:20 PM  

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