Monday, May 06, 2013

Fitness Teaching Vacations

An almost free vacation at an all-inclusive resort?!  Yep.
I promised my fitness friends I would wait until AFTER our trip to give the information about Fitness Pro Travel because honestly, I thought it had to be too good to be true.  Apparently, it’s true.  And good.

A few weeks ago Peter and I did our first “Teaching Vacation” through Fitness Pro Travel.  It was absolutely amazing.  We spent a week at The Grand Palladium in Jamaica, teaching stretching and TRX on the beach and water fitness in the pool.  We were done teaching by 12:30 every day and had the rest of the time to swim, snorkel, eat a ton (good thing we were teaching a lot!), and of course relax by the beach.  Through teaching and working with the entertainment staff we made so many new friends- it was very hard to leave! 

So, I know you aren’t reading because you want to know all about our fantastic vacation (although I would be happy to tell you all about it!).  Here is how the Fitness Travel Pro Program works (I actually didn’t understand it until AFTER I returned from our first trip!):

·      The company has negotiated contracts with hundreds of all - inclusive resorts throughout the Caribbean.
·      The contract states that the resort will reserve one room a week- free of charge- to an instructor that Fitness Pro Travel Sends.
·      We, as rockstar fitness instructors, sign up for an account and search for a resort based on what we teach and the weeks we are available to travel.
·      Fitness Pro Travel makes their money when we book a trip, as we will pay between $275 and $700 for a week at the resort based on the resort we select.  Some resorts also require a premium travel account, which is $75 per year.
·      After we book the resort our concierge will send an e-mail with all of the details we need to know: what we will teach, the times of the classes, transfer arrangements, etc. 
·      Shortly before the trip, our concierge will notify us of what “gift” to bring to the resort.  For example, Grand Palladium in Jamaica needed us to bring Children’s superhero costumes for their kid’s area.  This is a nice gesture to the resort so that they do not have to pay ridiculous shipping fees for simple things like yoga mats, etc.

So long story short, you pay travel fees and about $500 for a week at an all-inclusive resort for you, another adult, and usually up to two children under 12 if you are staying at a family resort.  Depending on the resort you will teach about 1-2 hours of classes a day (classes vary from resort to resort) and enjoy an amazing vacation.

And yes, we signed up for an affiliate account to hopefully pay for some wedding expenses.  SO if you end up signing up for an account please please please use this link: or at least enter my account number: 17325 when you register. 

More Tips and Things I was unsure of:
·      Read the reviews (under the “reviews” tab) of each resort to see the details of what you will teach and other details about the resort that the general description may not tell you.
·      Don’t be afraid to e-mail the concierge for the particular resort if you have questions.  She always responds within 24 hours.
·      Common teaching categories are: Yoga, Zumba, Water Fitness, and cycling.  Some resorts will have you teach one or two classes that you are able to teach.  For example, at Grand Palladium they wanted me to teach a Yoga class or a “stretch” class and then a “cardio” class after that.  I am not a yoga instructor so I did a TRX stretch class.  I also incorporated Rip Training for my cardio class.  They are all very flexible.
·      You absolutely need to be a certified instructor but if you cannot locate your certificate, FYI they never actually asked for mine. 

Hope you have an awesome fitness vacation!  Please e-mail me if you have any questions.


Blogger Elizabeth Boivin said...

Awesome shana! I am going to actually use some of my certifications to do this next year!

11/01/2013 12:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was wondering more about how this worked and this helped a lot! Thanks!

3/26/2015 1:25 PM  
Blogger Sapna Kapoor said...

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7/20/2015 4:53 AM  
Blogger Lisa Snowden said...

Yes Fit Bodies, Inc. is rockin' company and their teaching vacation program at makes luxury yoga teaching vacations happen for me and my whole! Thanks for your blog :-)

8/08/2015 2:23 PM  
Blogger Judy Stewart said...

Caution: there is a clause in your contract that if the hotel is full they will move you off the property to another location (without notice or compensation). This happened to me. They moved me to crappy old motel down the beach. I had to walk over to teach my classes each day. When I asked why I was moved and not the other instructor the manager said that "you were the first one to pick up your phone when we called." Then after two nights the allowed us to move back.

Just be careful. It really really really sucked.

1/05/2016 10:31 PM  
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